No Holds Barred by Callie Croix

Title: No Holds Barred by Callie Croix
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Ménage M/F/M
Length: 17,000 words
Book Rating: B

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During a playful talk about fantasies, Caitlin’s fiancé offers to give her a threesome—with his best friend, Liam, who’s coming to spend the weekend. At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain the thought of sharing her with another man, but once he’s planted the idea her imagination runs wild, leaving her deeply aroused—yet still unsure about what the implications could be for her and Nate’s relationship.

Nathan’s watched Cait struggle to hide her attraction to Liam for years. He knows she’s nervous, but he also knows that by making her most intimate fantasies come true he can bring her to heights of pleasure she’s only imagined, and strengthen their bond. There’s only one way to help her overcome her inhibitions—by planning a night of ecstasy she’ll never forget…

17,000 words

The Review:

No Holds Barred by Callie Croix is an erotic fantasy brought to life when Nathan offers his fiancée the opportunity to indulge in a ménage a trios with their close friend Liam. While Nathan’s proposal raises a few questions about their sex life, it also raises Cait’s temperature to scorching as she considers his sexy proposition.

Although the possibility of a threesome intrigues Cait, she takes the time to think over the implications acting on her desires could have on their relationship. While she completely trusts Nathan, she does question whether their sex life is as satisfactory as she believes. Her attraction to Liam is intense, but she still holds back.

Nathan is an alpha male and he has complete control in the bedroom. While he patiently waits while Cait wrestles with her decision, he does ultimately step in and force her to face her desires. He is always tender and loving with Cait and her pleasure is always uppermost in his mind.

No Holds Barred is a deliciously steamy read. Cait is sweet yet sexy and I liked that she didn’t enter into the ménage lightly. Nathan is a dominant man and his thoughtful consideration of Cait and her sexual satisfaction is HOT. I am intrigued by Liam, and I hope that Callie Croix plans to give us his story next.


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  1. Cec

    No Holds Barred, looks like a good read. Thanks for the review Kathy!

  2. Sounds interesting Kathy. Thanks for the review.