Her Christmas Pleasure by Karen Erickson

Title: Her Christmas Pleasure by Karen Erickson
The Merry Widows Series Book 2
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Historical, Erotic, Romance
Length: 20,000 words
Book Rating: B

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher Through NetGalley


Damien Morton is madly in love. Unfortunately, it’s with his best friend’s widow, Lady Danver. Damien is not worthy of Celia. Or so he thinks. Desperate to escape his feelings for her, he plans to leave the country at the first of the year. Celia treats him as a family friend and nothing more-until they share a heated kiss beneath the mistletoe…

Celia is shocked by the passions that surge within her at her dear friend’s kiss. One touch and one taste aren’t enough to satisfy her cravings, and she is startled into action. Damien has stirred something inside her that she never expected to experience again, and she must have more. Full of shameless desire and emotions newly discovered, she decides to pursue Damien and won’t be deterred. Will she be able to convince him to stay-both in her heart and life-forever?

20,000 words

The Review:

The Christmas season works its magic as unlikely duo Celia Danver and Damien Morton unexpectedly discover passion and love in Karen Erickson’s Her Christmas Passion. Celia has recently discovered a disconcerting attraction to her close friend Damien. When faced with the prospect of losing him, she boldly pursues Damien which results in the most passionate and satisfying sex Celia has ever experienced.

Celia and Damien are engaging characters that are well developed and likeable. Although Her Christmas Passion takes place over just a few days, their transition from friends to lovers is very believable since they share a long-standing and close friendship. Given Celia’s social standing, Damien’s concerns about their relationship are credible but Ms. Erickson resolves this conflict in a realistic and satisfying manner.

Her Christmas Passion is a delightful romance that is both steamy and sweet. Fans of historical romance are sure to fall in love with this charming couple. I am eagerly looking forward to Karen Erickson’s next installment in the Merry Widows series.

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