Galley Proof by Eric Arvin

Title: Galley Proof by Eric Arvin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 200 pages
Book Rating: B+


Fiction writer Logan Brandish is perfectly happy in his peaceful small-town routine with his best friend, his cat, and his boyfriend—until he meets the editor of his next book, the handsome Brock Kimble, and the lazy quiet of everyday living goes flying out the window. Faced with real passion for the first time, Logan becomes restless and agitated, and soon his life and his new manuscript—a work in progress he’d always thought would be completed—are in a shambles.

But as Logan is learning, you can’t always get what you want… at least not right away. To take his mind off the mess, he takes a trip, but even the beautiful Italian, um, scenery can’t keep his thoughts from his erstwhile editor for long. Logan just might have to admit there are some things you can’t run from.

The Review:

Eric Arvin’s Galley Proof is an impossible to put down novel that is fun, witty and thought-provoking. Meeting Brock Kimble shakes up Logan Brandish’s calm and predictable life and sends him on a life-altering journey.

On the surface Logan Brandish and Brock Kimble are complete opposites. Living with his gal pal, Janey, Logan’s life is quiet and just a teensy bit dull as he strictly adheres to his lists and routines. The man Logan is dating is safe, comfortable and borderline boring.

On the other hand, Brock Kimble is vibrant, spontaneous and self-confident. He is passionate, flirtatious and never stays with the same man for long. But as Logan quickly discovers, Brock’s fun-loving façade hides a painful past and deep emotion.

With his book and relationship with Brock going nowhere, Logan impulsively decides to take a trip abroad. In the course of his travels, he meets an eclectic group of people that take him out of his comfort zone and introduce him to one adventure after another. They also provide Logan some with some profound observations that change the course of his life.

Galley Proof is moving story of self-discovery. It is an insightful novel that is funny and poignant. Eric Arvin brings Brock and Logan’s story vividly to life with slightly flawed and quirky characters, humorous dialogue and a realistic storyline.

If you are looking for a romance with engaging protagonists that will capture your heart and a delightful story that is guaranteed to leave you with a sigh that Logan will appreciate, then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Galley Proof. You will be glad you did :).


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  1. Eileen

    Sounds like a really good story.

  2. Tracey D

    Another book for my must have list. Great review, Kathy!

  3. Timitra

    Sounds like a pretty good read…thanks for the you might also like recommends!!!