Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin

Title: Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin
Bondage & Breakfast Series
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, BDSM
Length: 27,000 words
Book Rating: B+

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After fifteen years of marriage, Jessica Meyers’s sex life is, well, a little predictable. Her handsome husband turns her on, but missionary style once or twice a week? It just can’t compare to the hot new world she discovers in the pages of erotic romances. Her fantasies fuel the fire of her desire, adding a new spark to her and Alex’s lovemaking. But Jess is afraid to tell her husband what she really wants in bed—and her secrets start coming between them.

State trooper Alex Meyers is a master at uncovering the truth—except when it comes to his sweet, shy wife. She’s clearly keeping something from him. An affair? She wants out? When he finally confronts Jess, he’s shocked to learn she wants to turn her forbidden fantasies into nightly realities. But when he takes her to a unique B and B—Bondage and Breakfast—catering to couples and multiples, Alex is about to find out just how far he’ll go.

27,000 words

The Review:

Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin is a sizzling hot and super sexy novella. The discovery of erotic romances has turned up the heat in long married Jessica and Alex Meyers’s bedroom. But it also brings emotional distance as Jessica tries to understand the unbridled fantasies and desires the novels inspire.

Forbidden Fantasies is incredibly true to life. The characters are realistic, likable and easy to relate to. Alex and Jessica’s marriage is an accurate depiction of any couple who has been married for fifteen years. Like many couples, their marriage is often overshadowed by the day to day life that is consumed with careers and raising children.

The sex scenes between Jessica and Alex are quite erotic and sensual. Both Alex and Jessica enjoy the increased passion they are now sharing, but it also pulls them apart emotionally. Jessica’s struggle to accept her newfound sexuality and desires brings some of Alex’s insecurities to life.

Forbidden Fantasies is an engaging read that has appealing characters, a great deal of depth and a unique storyline. Jodie Griffin beautifully explores how erotic romance can be used to spice up a predictable sex life. She also demonstrates the importance that honesty and communication have in all relationships, no matter how long a couple has been together.

Definitely a recommended read for anyone who enjoys an erotic romance with an intense emotional connection between the two main characters.


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9 Responses to Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin

  1. Eileen

    wow! I’m sure that this story hit close to home for some people I know.

  2. Melissa Bourn

    Eileen is right…I really hits home with me. I am even going into my 15th year of marriage. My hubby has definitely stepped up his game after I talked to him. The B and B in Forbidden Fantasies sounds like my cup of tea!

  3. Angie M

    Sounds like a book I need to check out!

  4. Timitra

    I love intense emotional reads…thanks Kathy for the great review…will definitely check this one out!!

  5. Tiss

    Another book for my TBR List. Thanks Kathy.

  6. Book Reviews & More by Kathy

    You’re welcome!

  7. Cec

    This is a must read for me:-) I’ll be adding it to my tbr pile.
    Thanks for a great review, Kathy!