Heat Rises by Alice Gaines

Title: Heat Rises by Alice Gaines
A Cabin Fever Novella
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Avon Books
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 144 pages
Book Rating: B

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher Through Edelweiss


Snowbound in a cabin . . . able to live out all her fantasies . . .

Laura Barber has dreamt of doing unspeakably delicious things with Ethan Gould for years. Now, stuck in a mountain cabin, she just might get her shot. Ethan offers her the chance to live out each and every one of those desires. They may be rivals in the business world, but in the bedroom they’re a perfect match. Knowing they have only a few days, Laura shakes off all her inhibitions. Every secret need, every lust-filled thought . . . it’s all fair game.

The Review:

Cabin Fever by Alice Gaines is a sexy romance that is deliciously sensuous and steamy. Laura Barber cannot forget the embarrassing night she spilled all of her erotic fantasies to Ethan Gould. Snowbound with no place to go except a mountain cabin with Ethan, will she finally act on her secret desires for Ethan?

Cabin Fever begins with pretty tame sex scenes, but it is not long before Ms. Gaines turns up the heat. Laura is socially awkward and sexually inexperienced. She is also uncomfortable with her desire for kinky sex. Ethan pushes her out of sexual comfort zone and she confesses her darkest desires. Acting out her fantasies for one illicit weekend? No problem. Convincing Laura they have future together? Not so easy, but Ethan won’t give up Laura without a fight.

Cabin Fever is well-written story that is fast-paced and engaging. Laura and Ethan are appealing characters and their past history makes their romance believable. The sexual chemistry between them is incendiary and their sex scenes progressively become more explicit and erotic.

A marvelous novella about embracing your sexuality, Cabin Fever is perfect for anyone who enjoys their romances with a little extra sizzle.


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6 Responses to Heat Rises by Alice Gaines

  1. Mel Bourn

    I’ll have to get this one! I love the sounds of it! I would love weekend stuck in a cabin with a few hot man candies!

  2. Tamsyn

    That cover says it all! Its hot and I love the blurb.

  3. Timitra

    I like the sound of this one!