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My Review:

Title: The Line Between Here and Gone by Andrea Kane
Forensic Instincts Book Two
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: HarlequinMIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Mystery
Length: 392 pages
Book Rating: B+

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher


The man she loved is gone forever. The child she lives for could be next.

Each day is a struggle for Amanda Gleason’s newborn son as he battles a rare immune deficiency. Justin’s best chance for a cure lies with his father, who was brutally murdered before Amanda even realized she carried his child.

Or was he?

One emailed photo changes everything, planting a seed of doubt that Amanda latches on to for dear life: a recent photo of a man who looks exactly like Paul. Could Justin’s father be alive? The mother in her is desperate to find out. But tracking down a ghost when every second counts is not for amateurs.

Forensic Instincts is the one team up for the challenge.

A behaviorist. A former navy SEAL. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A retired FBI agent. A human-scent-evidence dog. Together they achieve the impossible, pushing ethical and legal boundaries whenever the ends justify the means.

The manhunt is on for the elusive father. Yet the further FI digs into his past, the more questions are raised about whether the man Amanda fell in love with ever really existed at all.

Dark secrets. Carefully crafted lies. From the congressional halls of Washington, D.C., to exclusive Hamptons manors, there are ruthless people who would stop at nothing to make Forensic Instincts forget about the man Amanda desperately needs to find.

Little do they realize that once Forensic Instincts takes the case, nothing will stop them from uncovering the shocking truth that transcends The Line Between Here and Gone.

The Review:

Andrea Kane’s The Line Between Here and Gone is an enthralling thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as the Forensic Instinct team races against time to save a baby’s life.

Amanda Gleason is desperate to save her newborn son’s life. When she discovers there is the slightest chance that her baby’s father is alive, she hires Forensic Instinct to investigate Paul Everett’s disappearance.

The mystery surrounding Paul Everett’s disappearance is complex and multi-layered. Is Paul dead? His body has yet to be discovered, but the evidence that he has been murdered is certainly compelling. If Paul is indeed still alive, who is behind his disappearance? Paul? Hs business associates? As the Forensic Instinct team searches for answers, they uncover political corruption, explosive family secrets and unexpected ties to organized crime. Various twists and turns take this story in unexpected and very surprising directions.

The Forensic Instinct unit is a very diverse group of individuals. Each person has a special skill that when combined with the other members’ abilities makes them a very formidable investigative force. The dynamics between them are quite fascinating as is the meshing of personal beliefs and various personalities. While they make every attempt to keep their activities legal, ethical lines are blurred with some members find it easy to compromise their principles in order to save an innocent baby’s life.

There is a little bit of a romantic element to The Line Between Here and Gone. Personal relationships are strained when business is mixed with pleasure. Two of the team members are attracted to one another, but they are reluctant to act on their attraction.

The Line Between Here and Gone is an intense novel with a unique storyline and memorable characters. The story is fast-paced and engrossing. Andrea Kane leaves no question unanswered as she brings The Line Between Here and Gone to its stunning conclusion.


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9 Responses to Andrea Kane Blog Tour: The Line Between Here and Gone, Excerpt and Review

  1. Eileen

    sound very intense. as usual a very good review.

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Thank you, Eileen. Absolutely loved this one and I cannot wait to read the next novel!

  2. Suzanne

    It sounds like a real political, mystery, thriller. Thanks for the blurb and review this is a definite but and read for me:))

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Suzanne, it is an incredible novel. I loved the storyline, but it was the Forensic Instinct team that really makes this story outstanding.

  3. Timitra

    This sounds really good-thanks for the author intro Kathy!

  4. Robyn

    Thanks for the review. It sounds like a nail biter! I can’t wait to read it! Political thrillers are my favorite types of books. I just finished a really good one called, “The Masada Protocol” by author Lee Broad. This a fiction thriller novel based in Israel in which a former black ops officer has taken on an intelligence assignment that takes him into a Middle East conspiracy that he must solve along with the help of a beautiful under cover agent from the Mossad. Lots of action!!! http:///