Saturday Series Spotlight: Cameron Dane’s Cabin Fever & Contest

Title: The Sweetest Tattoo by Cameron Dane
Cabin Fever Series Book One
Publisher: Liquid Silver
Genre: M/F, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: Novella/73 pages


Her twin was a dead man.

Tattoo artist Kelsie Cole cannot believe her brother would give his best friend use of his cabin the same week he promised it to her. She had been butting heads with straight-laced John McBride since they were kids.

John McBride only takes one week of vacation a year, and there isn’t any way he’s driving down a mountain back to Raleigh just because Kelsie Cole is already standing on the porch staking her claim when he arrives.

The cabin has two rooms, and they are adults. They can share a space for seven days. It’s not like they’re attracted to each other or anything, right? Kelsie grits her teeth, but assures herself she can handle it.

And then John kisses her…

Title: Grey’s Awakening by Cameron Dane
Cabin Fever Series Book Two
Publisher: Liquid Silver
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: Novel/310 pages


Greyson Cole needs to get out of Raleigh. Everywhere he turns, he sees people falling in love, getting married and starting families. It’s enough to make a grown man want to rip out his own hair. And for a cynic like Grey, one more employee getting engaged signals the need for a long overdue vacation. Grey owns a cabin in the mountains he has never even used, and he figures that’s just the ticket out of this nightmare of happily paired-up couples.

Grey doesn’t expect to be greeted by a belligerent, half-naked man the minute he opens his cabin door.

Sirus Wilder has known Grey’s twin sister for years, and she has given him permission to stay in the cabin while his residence across the lake is under repair. Sirus has never met Greyson Cole before, but he is thankful when the man lets him share the cabin for a few days. There is plenty enough room for them each to keep to themselves. Sirus has had his heart broken and isn’t interested in a hook-up, let alone something more.

Even so, Grey is, hands-down, one of the sexiest men Sirus has ever seen. Too bad he’s an arrogant ass and his eyes are so damn cold. Every once in a while, though, Sirus thinks he sees a hint of fiery passion in the controlled man sleeping one room away.

For Grey, one look at the roughly handsome Sirus puts Grey’s celibacy pact in serious jeopardy. One problem: Grey doesn’t believe in love, has even less patience for relationships, and he refuses to get mixed up in another messy romantic partnership that can only end badly.

Two weeks. Two hard men. Both running like hell from love.

Look out. Something’s gotta give.

Contains: This story contains male/male acts of sex and loving.

Title: A Younger Man by Cameron Dane
Cabin Fever Book Three
Publisher: Liquid Silver
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 303 pages/Word Count: 124900


Recently divorced and out of the closet, Noah Maitland is a regular Joe, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who is newly navigating the world of dating other men. So far he hasn’t had a lot of luck. Noah is a father first—he has two teenage sons. The owner of a handyman business in a small community, Noah wants someone to love who is also appropriate for where he is in his life.

Zane Halliday is a young man—much too young for Noah—who is struggling to take care of his brother and sister and meet his bills every month. Recently thrown out of his apartment, Zane stumbles on Noah, literally, and Noah offers Zane some much-needed help. Each man is dealing with his own set of problems, and both crave someone to talk to and trust. Soon a friendship between Noah and Zane blossoms. But Noah could never fall for someone so much younger than he is—not to mention Zane is not gay. But what if sexually innocent Zane isn’t as straight as he assumed he was? How will Noah be able to resist this much younger man once Zane figures out the only person he wants is Noah?

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13 Responses to Saturday Series Spotlight: Cameron Dane’s Cabin Fever & Contest

  1. Eileen

    wow another good series. I think I would like book 2 Grey’s Awakening. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love Cameron Dane’s books and must get into this series! Thanks for the series spotlight.

  3. Mel Bourn

    Great choices!! I would love them all! But If I have to pick one it would be The Sweetest Tattoo….I love me some pink hair and tattoos.

  4. StacieD

    Grey’s Awakening sounds perfect for me. I love a cranky hero. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Twitter & email follower.

  5. Jess1

    Another great sounding series of books. Thanks for the contest!

  6. Cathy M

    I already love Cameron’s storytelling, and would love to read her latest release, A Younger Man.

    email and facebook

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  7. Timitra

    This series sounds great…if I win I want The Sweetest Tattoo!

  8. Regina Ross

    I havnt read this series yet but book 1 sounds like something I would enjoy reading. 🙂

  9. Joanne B

    Great choices again. This series sounds fantastic, but since we have to pick one, I’ll choose A Younger Man. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Another great sounding new to me author… I would love to read The Sweetest Tattoo!

  11. Landry Breaux

    Wow!! I really want to read them all. This is a new author to me so I am thrilled that you made this introduction. I would be very happy to win any of the three but “A Younger Man” is calling to me the loudest. I truly appreciate the great giveaways! Thanks!!

  12. Annette

    Another interesting series to start. Should I be lucky, Sweetest Tattoo please. Thanks again for the info and the contest.