Friday Feature: Blog Tour Empty Net by Toni Aleo (Excerpt, Review & Giveaway)

Title: Empty Net by Toni Aleo
Assassins Series Book Three
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 464 pages
Book Rating: C+

Complimentary Review Copy Obtained from Author


Definition of an Empty Net: When a team pulls the goalie for an extra attacker, desperately seeking a goal.

Audrey Parker was in a horrible place.
She hated her job, her sister was getting married and moving out, but worst of all, she was in love with a total jerk. No matter what she did, every guy she met hurt her. All she wanted was her happily ever after. Her Prince Charming. Her Lucas Brooks! She didn’t know how to change her life but she knew she needed too.
Feeling like she was about to hit rock bottom, Audrey wakes up next to Tate Odder.

Tate Odder had lost everything.
After being brought up from the Assassins’ farm team, the Florida Rays to the Nashville Assassins, Tate hopes he’ll forget everything he has lost. He doesn’t. Each day gets harder to live in a place he doesn’t know. Even being the first rookie goalie to shut out an opposing team three times during the Lord Stanly Cup Finals, he still felt empty. With the loss of his parents and sister still heavy on his heart, Tate isn’t sure how to live like everything is okay.

But when he wakes up beside Audrey Parker, things start to change. She turns his life upside down with her kooky sense of humor and her bright clothing. She is intelligent and beautiful, and for once, he doesn’t feel empty.
Will Audrey be the person to fill the holes in Tate’s heart, making him whole again?
Or will another player ruin everything, leaving him feeling forever like an empty net?

The Review:

Empty Net, the third installment in the Assassins series, is a sexy yet sweet romance.

Following her breakup with her jerk of an ex, Audrey Parker is drowning her sorrows when she meets the über hot and super delicious Tate Odder. When she wakes up next to Tate the next morning, Audrey is horrified she had a one night stand and could not get out of the hotel room fast enough. After a few coincidental meetings and much to Audrey’s dismay, she discovers a surprising connection to the hottie she burned up the sheets with. Swearing off of men, Audrey wants to keep her relationship with Tate as just friends. Will Tate change her mind?

In the beginning, I could not stand Audrey. For the first part of the book, she came across as extremely immature. She was such an unhappy, whiny, jealous pushover I just wanted to strangle her. Her inability to stand up to her emotionally and sometimes physically abusive ex, Levi, was beyond frustrating. Audrey had serious doubts about her feelings for Levi and I could not understand why on earth she was wasting time pining over him let alone continuing to let him into her life.

Once Audrey got over her jealousy of Fallon, I found myself liking her more. But she was not fully redeemed into a likable character until she finally grew a backbone and began to stand up for herself. I give Tate a lot of the credit for Audrey’s transformation.

And speaking of Tate, I LOVED him! He has realistic flaws and he is battling his own demons. Although he was a little insecure, he always knows what he wants and he goes after it. He is such a sweetie, and I love how he challenged Audrey when she needed it. And he is just so darn sexy, it is little wonder Audrey could not resist him.

Despite the fact their first encounter was a one night stand, Audrey and Tate took the time to get to know one another before jumping into a relationship. They became friends, spending time with one another in non-romantic settings before changing their status to boyfriend/girlfriend. They had plenty of obstacles to work through and overcome on their way to happily ever after. For as close as they become, lack of communication becomes a problem for them. There were a few misunderstandings that could have been avoided if they had just been honest with one another.

While the overall story is well-written, there were a few things that diminished my enjoyment of the novel. In the beginning, the story was rather slow and repetitive at times. The story became mired down in superfluous details. There were a few inconsistencies in the storyline and there are some editing errors.

What really made the book outstanding are the friendships and relationships between all the characters. Their love for one another is obvious and they always want what is best for each other. They speak up when they need to and do not hesitate to let Audrey know when she is making stupid mistakes and decisions.

Empty Net is a deliciously steamy romance that is sure to delight fans of the Assassins series. Toni Aleo will leave you eagerly awaiting Blue Line, Piper’s book!

Although part of a series, Empty Net can be read as a standalone novel.

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“I have to tell you,” she said with a shy grin, “It’s usually not this easy.”

He looked down at her questionably, “Easy how?”

“This easy to pick me up. I usually make guys work for it.”

He grinned and her smiled grew more, “So you want me too?”

She eyed him, her face bright with excitement. He may have been a little too forward but he was a blunt person, and hardly ever hid his feelings from anyone.

She moved closer, her eyes bright with lust as she said, “I do and I don’t even know you’re name.”

“Do you want to know it?” he asked with a cocky grin.

She moved in close, her wide brown eyes locked with his, “All I want to know is when you can leave? I have a room not even a mile from here.”

Author Bio:

I am a wife, mother, and hopeless romantic.

I have been told I have anger issues, but I think it’s cause of my intense love for hockey!

I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!

When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughters dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, and reading the latest romance novel.

I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, and did I mention I love hockey?

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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  1. Trix

    Nothing like a loveable hockey guy to make a story appeal to me!


  2. Angie M

    I LOVE Tate so much! Toni knows how to write a great hero! This book has geared me up for hockey season!

  3. Joelle Mendes

    I loved the book and yes, I did want to shake Audrey at times, I knew that she had to travel that road to get to her destination — TATE! I really wish she would have kicked Levi where the sun don’t shine though!

  4. Timitra

    I like the sound of Empty Net…looking forward to reading it-thanks for the author intro Kathy!

  5. Can’t wait to read this series!

  6. Joanne B

    This book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. I love hockey!

  7. I love books with sports hotties, and since hockey is the favorite sport in our household, this is a must read. Toni, I will look for you on the glass when we get to a Nashville game( hopefuly this winter), but sorry we are Red Wings fans. We can still be friends, right!

  8. Jane Squires

    I am a member of this feed. I am also on Goodreads. Please enterme.

  9. Mel Bourn

    I want this one!! I love reading Toni books!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com