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Hello, thanks for asking me to be a guest today.

I’m Meg Lacey and I’ve recently released two new novels, Million Dollar Mistake, from Samhain Publishing, and The Sparrow and The Hawk, from Imajinn Books. In both of these books a relationship is a key element. One is a steamy romantic comedy and one is a paranormal romance, sort of. I’d like to tell you more about Million Dollar Mistake.

I love writing about relationships. Relationships that aren’t smooth sailing, but are as messy as my creative process. And it’s essential that one element of the relationship is a sense of humor. I think the only recourse we humans have is to view life with a quirky grain of salt. Life can be very funny depending on your point of view.

For example, take one of my recent episodes. I was climbing down to inspect tide pools when I slipped on a wet rock. Now this could be serious. However, if I slip on a rock, then in slow motion try to catch my balance as I totter from wet rock to slippery rock and eventually collapse on my nose in the sand that can be amusing. At least it was to my daughter, Sara. After asking if I was okay, Sara then collapsed in hysterics on the beach. After she explained my staggering trajectory in vivid detail, I cracked up too. It’s this type of perspective I try to bring to all of my writing.

I had so much fun writing about Raven Rutledge and Nicholas Demetrious in Million Dollar Mistake. The two of them, along with others are trapped in a comfortable winter estate in the Adirondack Mountains when the book starts. Raven is the ultimate tabloid bad girl. Nicholas is the very distant family connection who has always been the one designated to get her out of trouble, while trying to avoid falling into trouble with her. After all, a bad girl is just as appealing as a bad boy when she looks and acts like Raven. Raven is impulsive, wild to a fault, and secretly hoping someone will stop her before she destroys herself. Nicholas on the other hand is cool and controlled, except when it comes to Raven. He’s forced to rescue Raven from her most recent disaster, because her presence is messing up a very lucrative business deal. Taking care of the family business and the family fortune is his job, and he takes his job very seriously. It’s not the noblest reason for his actions, but, when you consider he’s always been halfway in love with Raven, it’s understandable.

Anyway, the two of them spar, seduce and use their wit to bring the situation to a fun romantic conclusion. AND, I forgot to tell you; this book actually offers two romantic stories in one. Did I mention there is another couple involved when they are all snowed in by a blizzard in the Adirondacks? If not, well I hope you’ll all want to find out more about it by yourselves.

I’m also running a giveaway contest for Million Dollar Mistake, with terrific prizes. Visit my website or Facebook to sign up.

Title: Million Dollar Mistake by Meg Lacey
Million Dollar Men Series Book One
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Category


Taking care of business may cost him his heart.

Million Dollar Men, Book 1

In addition to overseeing the financial affairs of the wealthy Kristoff family, Nicholas Demetrious specializes in hauling its rambunctious members out of trouble. Especially his distant cousin, Raven Rutledge.

The tabloids love her bad-girl antics, sexy pout, and body made for sin. Nicholas would love to spank the bejesus out of her, but this time the situation is too serious to entertain such a fantasy. A lucrative business deal with the Exeters is in jeopardy, and Jackson Exeter Sr.’s ultimatum is clear: Remove this man-eater from my country house, or the deal is off.

Raven is in way over her head. She accepted the invitation to the Exeters’ Adirondack house party as a refreshing change from her jet-setting lifestyle—until she learns the guest list includes his entire family. His ex-girlfriend. And the junior Exeter’s intention to propose.

If ever she needed suave, sophisticated Nicholas’s persuasive powers, it’s now. Then he’s there with a plan to get her out of this tangle: sweep her off her feet. But their pretend passion turns all too real. And what started out as a weekend of fun threatens to shatter into betrayal and heartbreak.

Product Warnings: Contains a tabloid sweetheart who loves to be bad, a sexy hero with little patience for mind games, and a game of strip pool that will make you rethink your weekend plans.

About Meg Lacey:

Meg wrote her first novel in the sixth grade, her own version of a classic historical romance. However, her writing career didn’t last. Over the years, she’s been an actress, director, producer, creative director, copywriter, creative dramatics teacher, mime, mom, college instructor, and a school bus driver. She’s formed, and worked as a Vice President and as CEO of, two creative marketing and media companies in the Midwest. She’s worked in all media, from network cable programming and corporate initiatives; to games and interactive websites. Through it all, she has always returned to writing.

She has written for Silhouette and Harlequin, and you can find her titles available in digital format at any online bookstore.

Her new paranormal romance series, Tales of the Sparrow, will be published by Imajinn Books, with the first book, The Sparrow and the Hawk, available September 30, 2012.

Her new contemporary romance: Million Dollar Mistake, is available October 23, 2012. It’s the first book in the Million Dollar Men series.

Visit Meg Lacey at her website or on Facebook.
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  1. Eileen

    congratulations on your new books!

  2. Timitra

    Great post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  3. Joanne B

    Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Hello everyone, thanks for the comments and congratulations. I hope you will have as much fun reading Million Dollar Mistake as I did writing it.

    Meg Lacey