Review: Honor Code by Cathy Perkins

Title: Honor Code by Cathy Perkins
Publisher: Cathy Perkins
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 91 pages
Book Rating: B

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With HONOR CODE, award-winning author Cathy Perkins delivers a mystery NOVELLA linked to her mystery novel, THE PROFESSOR.

In a small southern town where everyone knows each other’s business, veteran detective Larry Robbins must solve the disappearance of eighty-year-old widower George Beason.

When evidence arises that Beason may have left town on his own, it would be easy for Robbins to close the case, but his gut instinct tells him more’s at stake. As he uncovers clues about Beason’s deceased wife and his estranged daughter, Robbins must untangle conflicting motives and hidden agendas to bring Beason home alive.

The Review:

Honor Code by Cathy Perkins is a fast-paced and intriguing mystery. Although George Beason is not officially a “high risk” disappearance, Detective Larry Robbins’ instincts are telling him to give this case a closer look. His investigation is full of unexpected twists and turns and raises some very puzzling questions.

Honor Code might be a novella, but Ms. Perkins does an excellent job with character and plot development. Larry Robbins is a little jaded and cynical after so many years on the job, but he has well honed instincts and a genuine concern for George Beason’s whereabouts. His investigation proves to be quite illuminating for Larry in both his professional and personal lives. As the case unfolds he learns some surprising information about his new and much younger partner Jerry Jordan. The details surrounding George’s late wife’s death causes Larry to reflect on his relationship with his wife Sharon. His introspection is insightful and provides his character with added depth.

Larry’s investigation into George’s disappearance is quite interesting and meticulously detailed. While Larry uncovers several potential motives and suspects that fit in with his kidnapping theory, he cannot quite rule out the possibility that George left of his own accord. The case takes a fascinating turn and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the pieces of the puzzle fall neatly into place.

Honor Code is another multi-layered and intricately plotted story by Cathy Perkins that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.

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