Saturday Series Spotlight: Becky McGraw’s Texas Trouble & Contest

Title: My Kind of Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book One
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 341 pages


Cassie Bellamy thought she’d left Bowie, Texas and Luke Matthews behind for good. She’d been gone for ten years and in that time had built a successful real estate business, had a new fiancé, and had all but forgotten about the Texas bad boy who’d sent her running to Phoenix in the first place.

She wouldn’t be going back now, but her daddy needed her at the Double B.

Driving her old pickup truck “Bessie” back to Bowie had seemed like a good idea when she’d left Phoenix, but it didn’t seem so good when she was broken down on the side of the road in ninety plus Texas weather in between Bowie and her daddy’s farm. And it seemed an even worse idea when her knight in brown khaki turned out to be none other than the bad boy himself, a Sheriff now, and still as hot as the Texas sun.

Cassie does her best to ignore Luke and remember her fiancé back in Phoenix, but Luke seems determined to make her remember his kisses and their nights of stargazing by the lake instead. And she definitely still has stars in her eyes when she looks at the delectable Sheriff.

Luke Matthews had worked damned hard to change the way people thought of him. He wasn’t know as the bad boy son of the town’s drunk anymore, they called him Sheriff now. For ten years, Luke had been living on the right side of the law, and had forgotten about Cassie Bellamy, the woman who’d left him dangling on a limb ten years ago.

All that changes when he plays good Samaritan and stops to rescue a woman stranded on the side of the road. He finds out the fine behind and illegally long legs sticking out from under the hood of the beat up old truck belong to Cassie Bellamy. She was back in Bowie and just as sassy and stubborn as always…looking better than ever.

Luke is determined to get answers as to why she left like she did, and she’s just as determined to keep him at arm’s length. Taking the choice away from her, Luke takes a vacation from his job, and hires on at the Double B as a ranch hand to help out while her daddy’s down. The heat and the close proximity work in his favor and soon Luke has her cornered like a stray calf…but what was he going to do with her now?

He had a few ideas, and all of them involved a king-sized bed and his lasso. She might be trouble, but Cassie Bellamy had always been his kind of trouble…and if it took hog-tying to get her to believe that, he was definitely game.

Title: The Trouble with Love
Texas Trouble Book Two
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 344 pages


THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE is the second in the series Texas Trouble, by Becky McGraw. Be sure to check out MY KIND OF TROUBLE, Cassie and Luke’s story, the first in the Texas Trouble series.

Sabrina Roberts had become a reclusive workaholic, since her husband Kenny, an adrenaline junky cop, was killed in the line of duty eighteen months ago. Determined not to let the same thing happen to her after his death, Sabrina made her job as a detective with the Phoenix Police Department her life.

In lieu of a social life, Sabrina focused on researching her cases, working out to make herself stronger and staying at the gun range to make sure she was on top of her game. She knew the life she was living was no life, but didn’t know how to change it. Since Kenny’s death, she didn’t even know who she was anymore. The only thing she did know was she was never dating a cop again.

When her new friend, Cassie Bellamy, calls Sabrina from Bowie, Texas to ask her to be maid of honor in her wedding, and asks for her help with her horse ranch while she’s on her honeymoon, Sabrina jumps on the opportunity to reevaluate her life and decompress in the sedate small town.

Almost from the first minute her feet touch Bowie soil though, Sabrina realizes the small town is far from sedate, and certainly not a place she is going to be able to decompress. Between the infuriatingly sexist, but oh so sexy, Sheriff Cole Jackson, who treats her like she’s incompetent, and the hair raising events at the wedding, then a surprising call for help from the older brother she hasn’t spoken to in eighteen months, Sabrina has more action in Bowie than she ever had back in Phoenix.

After a while, Sabrina starts hoping that action will include some personal action with the handsome Sheriff, who lights fires inside of her that have been banked for a long time.

After his best friend resigns as Sheriff to become a cattle rancher, Cole Jackson has enough on his hands taking over as Sheriff of his hometown, without having to deal with the trouble sexy Sabrina Roberts dumps in his lap.

Suddenly, his peaceful little town, where the most he had to look forward to was the rollover of a chicken truck on the highway, becomes a hotbed of trouble, and it seems like the beautiful detective he’d met in Phoenix a month ago, was at the heart of it all. She and her brother were magnets for trouble, it seemed.

To protect his best friend and his new wife, Cole invites Sabrina and her brother to stay at his house, and welcomes more than trouble into his life. He finds out the gorgeous policewoman has depths he can’t wait to uncover…and she can cook better than his mama! The heat she stirs inside of him is definitely more than the heat in the kitchen though, and soon Cole wants to sample everything on her menu.

But first, Cole has to rescue her from the bad guys chasing her brother…and then from herself. He’s determined to convince Sabrina that even though he’s a cop, he’s not the risk-taker her late husband was, and that he’s worth taking a risk on.

Title: Double the Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book Three
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 320 pages


Professional rodeo team roper, Karlie Upton, is done with arrogant testosterone-soaked cowboys, and she’s done with the rodeo.

Worn out from traveling and battling with the abusive bull rider she’d just broken up with, Karlie heads for Bowie, Texas to see if her old friend Cassie Bellamy needs help with her new horse operation. Her identical twin sister, and roping partner isn’t happy about Karlie leaving her high and dry, but Karlie can’t stay, and she can’t tell her sister why she’s leaving.

Karlie knows her ex will probably come looking for her, because not only did she leave, she took his meal ticket with her, a fifty-pound slack-jawed bulldog named Sarge, who he got five-thousand dollars a month to care for from his crazy grandpa’s estate.

When she reaches the city limits of Bowie, Karlie receives a welcome she didn’t expect. Not paying attention to her speed, Karlie had let ‘Freddie’, the hot rod Lincoln she’d had since she was sixteen, have his head, and he didn’t like to go slow. He liked to blow the stripes off of the road, since she’d souped him up in automotive class in high school.

So, the first person she met in Bowie, wasn’t the one she went there to see, but he was easy on the eyes nonetheless. The handsome deputy gave her a lecture and a ticket that would empty her pocketbook. Then after she tried to bargain her way out of the ticket, he arrested her and threatened to send Sarge to the pound! Karlie knew she would have enjoyed the frisking, but when the hot lawman took her dog into custody, he crossed the line, and Karlie showed him she wasn’t known as the ‘Wild Child’ in the pro rodeo circuit for nothing!

Her impulsive nature yet again lands her in a heap of trouble, but it also gives her a reason to see the good looking lawman again, when she cuts a community service deal to fix his police car. Karlie’s not looking for a relationship with any man, her ex may have soured her for life on those, but she sure could go for a little romp in the hayloft with the tall, dark and handsome deputy sheriff.

But then she finds out he has issues, deep dark issues, which meant he was a ‘fixer-upper’. Karlie knew she was in trouble then, because if there was one thing she had a problem avoiding, it was projects. From cars to men, the more they needed fixing, the more they interested her.

Bowie’s Chief Deputy, Gabe Kelley, had never encountered a woman like the red hot redhead he stopped for speeding, while filling in for his patrolman on traffic duty. Sitting at the city limit sign, minding his own business, almost dozing off, because he was so bored, Gabe was jolted out of his lethargy when a black Lincoln went past him doing at least one ten.

When he finally caught up to the sassy redhead, she gave him lip, then he gave her a hefty ticket, and a stern warning about driving through his town recklessly. He never expected the beautiful cowgirl to proposition him to get out of the ticket! He was so shocked, he arrested her, then called the dog pound to come get her ugly dog.

The next thing Gabe knew, he was laying on his stomach on the hot Texas roadway, hogtied, and mad as hell, watching the hotheaded woman drive off leaving him there. He was going to get untied, and when he did, there would be hell to pay, and the one paying it would be Miss Karlie Upton. It might take him a while to find her, but he would, if it was the last thing he ever did. One way or another, Gabe was going to teach the bratty woman he wasn’t a man to be messed with…if it took spanking her shapely ass to drive that point home.

Gabe would have to be careful though, because, although he liked his women with a little edge, he knew this beautiful redhead had enough of it to cut his throat. Her ex is after her, and the only thing standing between the rough bull rider and her is Gabe, and this guy is playing for keeps, but then so is Gabe.

Title: Looking for Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book Four
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 269 pages


Country singer, Jess Sparks, is finally watching her star rise, after shedding the weight of a thieving manager and boyfriend three years ago. Jess has worked her butt off since to recover from it, and it’s finally paying off, because she’s on the verge of signing a big recording contract.

Someone from Bowie, Texas calls and asks her to sing at a wedding reception, and she agrees to do it as a final hoorah. While she’s performing, Jess notices a good looking cowboy in the crowd staring her down and can’t take her eyes off of him either. Her best friend, and band mate, thinks Jess needs to loosen up and have some fun, so she issues a dare that Jess can’t refuse…make him her ‘Angel’ for the night.

Back in Dallas, Jess discovers that her fun pays off a little too well, when the stick with the pink plus sign tells her she’s a member of the elite ‘less than two percent club’ they warn about on the back of condom boxes. She’s pregnant, and doesn’t have a clue what the cowboy’s name is, because honey, baby or sugar worked just fine for them that night.

After the baby is born, she gets another call from the client in Bowie for an encore performance at the couple’s one-year anniversary party. Although Jess is hesitant to accept, because she’s scared she’ll run into the cowboy again, who would do nothing but complicate her life, she accepts, because she needs the money.

Once she gets to Bowie, Jess realizes her luck is still running–in the wrong direction. Not only is the cowboy there, he’s the manager of the ranch, and she’s going to be seeing a lot of him, because she and the band get stuck there.

Although she didn’t intend on telling him about her little angel, he finds out, and wants to be a daddy. After Jess gets to know him better, she discovers she wants the sexy cowboy to be a lot more than that.

Professional rodeo rider, Wade Roberts never expected his career to end with a fall from a wild horse he pulled in his last rodeo, but that’s exactly what happened. Luck was on his side though, when he found out the manager of the Double B Ranch in Bowie, Texas was retiring, and they hired him as a replacement.

When the beautiful country singer he’d had one night of wild passion with a year ago after a wedding, shows up at the ranch to play a command performance for the anniversary party, Wade is surprised. She was supposed to be in the big leagues now, so he wonders what she’s doing back in Bowie.

When Jess Sparks gives him the cold shoulder, Wade is confused, because to his knowledge, they’d both been blown away by their time together, and had been on the same page the next morning, when they parted without exchanging phone numbers.

The reason for her attitude becomes clear to Wade though, when he sees a car seat and toys in the back of the van she arrived in. He has a daughter, and Jess doesn’t want him to be a part of her life. That’s not okay with Wade, and he is determined to convince the beautiful songbird, that he will be a part of his daughter’s life and take care of them both.

Fate appears to give him time to convince her, when Jess gets hurt and the band’s van burns up, but then her ex-boyfriend shows up in town, representing a record company that wants to sign her. Now, if she wants a contract, she’s going to have to deal with the man who robbed her blind, while he managed her career. Then her ex incites Wade into a fight at the bar, which lands him in jail. Using the charges against Wade as leverage, the guy coerces Jess into signing with him to get Wade out of his legal trouble.

Determined to make up for the mess he’d made, and get Jess out of the contract, Wade enters a charity rodeo competition, with a big purse, because he knows he can win it, even though it might change his life forever, if he gets injured again.

Wade isn’t looking for trouble, but if he wants to keep the two angels in his life permanently, he knows he’s going to have to face a hell of a lot of it to make that happen.

Title: Trouble in Dixie by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book Five
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 334 pages


Professional rodeo team roper, Katie Upton, is tired of being called the “Mild Child” in relation to her less inhibited twin sister. She’s spent a lifetime cleaning up her sister’s messes, the last of which landed her working for the handsome, but standoffish, owner of the Rockin’ D ranch in Amarillo.

Katie whips the ranch and ranch hands into shape in no time, and tries to help Tommy corral his spoiled little princess of a daughter, Dixie, too. Stubborn little Dixie doesn’t like that much and tells her daddy that Katie is boring, and that she wants Katie’s twin sister back at the ranch, because she’s fun. Katie realizes Dixie feels that way, because the little hellion is just like her sister!

When Tommy talks to Katie about Dixie, he basically tells her he thinks she’s boring too. Katie is tired of living in her vibrant twin’s shadow, so she leaves the ranch determined to redefine herself according to her twin sister’s rules, and find out what all the hoopla is about being uninhibited.

One she-devil tattoo, a new blond hairdo, and a hot red motorcycle later, Katie sees what it’s all about, and feels freedom like she’s never known before. Unfortunately, that freedom leads her back to Tommy Tucker, and a hot night of truck sex, which lands her in a lot of trouble–the kind of trouble that makes her want to want to find more of it with the oh so sexy widowed rancher. Katie thinks he needs to loosen up and live his life again, and she is determined to show him how to do that…with her.

At only twenty-four years old, Tommy Tucker had been forced to make a decision that no husband or expectant father should ever have to make, to either save his wife, or his daughter, after a horrific truck accident. He chose his daughter, because that’s what he felt his wife would have wanted him to do, but his mother-in-law felt differently, and blamed him for her death. The woman hadn’t spoken to him in ten years, and refused to have anything to do with her granddaughter, either. But his former mother-in-law couldn’t blame Tommy any more than he blamed himself. Every day, he had to live with the incredible guilt, as he did the best he could to raise his daughter alone, and make his quarter horse ranch successful.

Although it was dull, his life had settled into comfortable territory, until a set of beautiful redheaded twins show up at the ranch. Even thought they’re identical twins, he finds out the two women were as different as night and day. One is a hellion who courts trouble at every turn, and the other is a sensible, responsible woman who tries to keep her sister out of trouble, someone he thought would be perfect for him.

No matter how much he wants Katie Upton though, Tommy can’t get involved with her. For ten years, he’d avoided relationships, so he didn’t cause his mother-in-law more grief, or have to explain to his daughter that he’d killed her mother. He’d hired her to work at his ranch, but where she was concerned, it was hands off.

After Katie hears some misspoken words between him and his daughter, she runs from him and the Rockin’ D, hurt and angry at him. Feeling guilty, Tommy tracks her down to apologize. Instead of the nice, sweet woman who’d left the ranch a week prior, he finds someone he doesn’t even recognize, a hellion twice as bad as her sister, riding a damned motorcycle.

When the hot blond sets out to seduce him in his pickup, Tommy is powerless to resist her. He quickly finds out that sweet Katie Upton isn’t so sweet after all, she’s hotter than habaneras in July, and she is determined to give him an education, one in which he wants to earn a masters degree.

Before he can explore the possibilities with her however, Tommy has to fend off his wealthy and connected mother-in-law, who is somehow getting information on the goings on at his ranch. The woman is determined he isn’t going replace her daughter in his life, or he is going to pay the price, by losing his own daughter.

Title: Asking for Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book Six
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 407 pages


Jazzie Ramos is at a crossroads in her life. Her best friend, Jess Sparks, the singer in the country band she plays fiddle for, has just gotten married and doesn’t need her help anymore. Since Jazzie has always taken care of Jess, she really doesn’t know what to do with herself now. Their band is making it, they even have a platinum record to their credit, so Jazzie wonders why she isn’t happier about her newfound fame and fortune.

While attending a friend’s wedding in Tahiti, Jazzie reconnects with Beau Bowman, a handsome Texas Ranger she’d met a year before in Bowie, Texas. She finds that she’s still insanely attracted to the hotter than hell lawman, and Jazzie decides to rid herself of the albatross around her neck, her virginity, something her five overprotective brothers have guarded like pitbulls for twenty-eight years. It was time, and she figures Beau is more than man enough for the job.

Her time in paradise gets interrupted though, when she gets a frantic call from her mother telling her that her brother has gone missing in Dallas, and is in big trouble. Jazzie flies back home to comfort her mother and find her brother, but she knows she can’t do it alone. She is going to need help, and again Beau Bowman seems to be the man for the job. Jazzie knows she can trust him to do his job and find her brother, but can she trust the jaded green-eyed lawman with her heart?

Beau Bowman had been there and done that with relationships, and he wasn’t doing it again. His ex-fiancé had left a sour taste in his mouth that no amount of mouthwash or time was going to erase. She’d proven to him he just wasn’t cut out for them.

Even though he wasn’t looking for a relationship, when Beau spots Jazzie Ramos, the exotically beautiful and multi-talented Latina fiddler he’d fallen in lust with a year ago in Bowie, Texas, at a friend’s wedding in Tahiti, he decides she is one woman he wouldn’t mind getting to know better. He finally works up the nerve and ask her to dinner, and is thrilled when she accepts his invitation.

Things get heated on the tropical island and Beau is shocked, but too far gone, when he realizes she’s a virgin! That was a relationship waiting to happen, in his book. Beau decides that the best thing he can do is run, not walk, away from her as fast as he can, until she gets a call from her mother, who tells her that her brother is missing and on the run from some very shady characters he’d been naively working for.

Beau Bowman suffers from an undeniable white knight complex. He knows it, but there isn’t one damned thing he can do to avoid it. If there is a wrong, he feels an urge to right it, if someone is in trouble, he has to help them. That urge is what led him into law enforcement, instead of ranching, and it was the same urge that led him to hustle to Dallas to help Jazzie Ramos find her brother.

Even though Beau knows he is just asking for trouble getting involved, his urge to help the beautiful fiddler is as irresistible as the temptation to fall head over heels in love with her…something he swore he’d never do again.

Title: Chasing Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book Book Seven
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance


Emergency Room Doctor, Jenny Anderson, might be manless right now, but she’s come to find out her life is a lot less complicated that way. She’s sorely tempted to change that situation though, when sexy wildcat oilman Chase Rhodes is brought into her ER for treatment of a gunshot wound, and then asks her to dinner.

With a mountain of student loans to pay off, an ex-fiance who accused her of sleeping with his father, and a crazy cat who hates men, she has enough on her plate though without adding a man in the mix, especially a patient, so she refuses. When Jenny finds out he was out on a boat with a woman when he got shot, and his mama tries to set her up with him by throwing a party to ‘thank’ her for saving her baby boy’s life, Jenny quickly realizes two things about Chase Rhodes…he’s a mama’s boy and a player.

Even though the man looked like a male model, and had a smile that could melt her panties at fifty paces, she was not going there. Jenny had bigger things to worry about anyway, like deciding whether she was joining Doctors Without Borders and going to Africa for two years to pay off her student loans.

When Chase shows up at her apartment unexpectedly, and offers her a job that includes paying off her student loans and a six-figure salary to train his oil rig medics, it’s one she can’t refuse. With a choice between Africa and Amarillo, there really wasn’t a choice…even if it meant resisting her irresistible new boss.

Waking up in the emergency room with a beautiful blond angel in white hovering above him, Chase Rhodes thought he was dead, but figured if she was his guide to the pearly gates, dying might be worth it. After the beautiful doctor patched him up, he couldn’t resist asking her to dinner. When she turns him down flat, Chase is disappointed, but determined to win her over.

He was going to change his luck with women, starting now. For some reason, women just didn’t think he was a keeper. They either wanted him for sex or friendship, and he was tired of it. He was friendly, helped out where he could, but they took that to mean he was only friendship material, evidently. Maybe if he was as much of a tool as the men they seemed to prefer, he’d be better off…but that just wasn’t him.

Although he didn’t need anymore female friends, Chase figures out that’s where he’ll have to start with the gorgeous woman, so he goes to her apartment to offer an olive branch. While there, Chase is stunned when she tells him she’s considering going to Africa to pay off her student loans. He can’t believe she doesn’t consider it dangerous! Hell, with the unrest over there, she could be captured and traded for goats…not something he was going to let happen.

Since he and his daddy had been talking about hiring a Health and Safety Officer for their company, and she would be as good a fit as any, Chase offers her the job. He could train her on the safety part of the job, Chase knew oil derricks inside and out. He’d worked on them in every position, since he was a teenager. His idea seemed to be a good solution all the way around. It would also give him time to get to know her better and convince her to give him a chance.

Jenny throws a wrench in his idea though, when she adds the caveat that if she accepts the job, there would be no hanky panky between them. Having no choice if he wanted to keep her safe, Chase accepts her terms, and helps her move to Amarillo.

Soon, they are fighting more than their attraction to each other though, when several of his derricks are hit by arsonists, and his dad tells him to find out who’s behind the sabotage fast. As the well fires heat up, so do Jenny and Chase’s feelings for each other, and battling both proves impossible.

It’s hot in the Texas oil patch, but even hotter at Rhodes Drilling and Exploration, for more reasons than one.

Title: Here Comes Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Book Eight
Publisher:Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance


Trauma Nurse, Terri Cassidy’s life went to hell after her best friend and boss moved to Amarillo. Her new boss, a male doctor, has wandering hands and he thinks Terri has to put up with it. She files a complaint against him, but unbelievably the hospital board suspends …her instead of him. Needing a break and somewhere to lick her wounds, Terri heads to see her very pregnant friend to figure out what she is going to do with her life.

When she gets to Amarillo, she finds more than she is looking for. Joel Rhodes, a sexy attorney turned dude rancher, who just happens to be her best friend’s brother-in-law and a man she’d had sex with a year before, offers her a job as a medic on his dude ranch.

The previous year while helping her friend move, Terri had gotten to know Joel and identified with his depression over his wife cheating with his law partner. Terri was five years past her own divorce from a serial cheater and knew exactly what he was feeling, lost, unsure and insecure.

Even after he’d all but told her she would just be the first flavor of many he planned to sample, and even though casual sex wasn’t her thing, Terri had sex with him. Because she wanted him, and he needed her to restore his confidence.

Now that she was going to work for him though things could get sticky, because even though Terri had had a one-night-stand with him, she was a relationship kind of woman and he was definitely still not that man.

Resisting the sexy rancher was going to be tough. The man was like a hot fudge sundae to her, decadent, delicious, irresistible, but oh so bad for her. Terri had to try though, because she needed the job, and she deserved a man who wanted more than one night.

Joel Rhodes was determined to break his one-woman mentality. Five years of faithfulness had only gotten him cheated on and broke. Like ice cream, he only planned to sample each of the thirty-one flavors once, before moving on to the next. There was no way in hell he was going the relationship route again…ever.

Broken down and broken-hearted, Joel leaves his Dallas law firm and his ex-wife to his former business partner, who she had cheated with. A ranch goes up for sale in his hometown, so he buys it and converts it to a dude ranch. During the summer when he was a teenager, his grandfather had taught him what ranching meant, and to Joel it meant peace and calm. He needed that now, and he was sure other burned out professionals would need it too.

He’d almost found his new Zen, when flavor number one, Terri Cassidy, shows up on his doorstep to see his sister-in-law, upset and unemployed. Overhearing their conversation, he figures out the woman who’d helped him get back on the horse when he was depressed and lost a year prior, had gotten a raw deal at the hospital where she worked.

Joel has plenty of reservations, but he offers her a job at this ranch to provide medical services to his guests. Quickly he realizes his error in judgment, because being that close to the beautiful and sassy woman on a daily basis has Joel rethinking his flavor system, and wanting a lot more than her delicious body.

Before he can convince Terri that she’s his forever favorite flavor though, Joel’s ex-wife shows up the ranch wanting more money and to reconcile. When she somehow winds up dead, the police think he’s the one who did it. When his ex-business partner winds up as buzzard bait too, Joel has more trouble than he can shake a stick at.

Even though Joel believes trouble rode into the R&R Ranch with the petite brunette, he knows his salvation came with her too.

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