Review: Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate

Title: Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate
Moses Lake Series Book Three
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Christian Fiction
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: A

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Mallory Hale’s life quickly veers off course when she falls hopelessly in love. After a whirlwind romance, Mallory finds herself leaving the bustle and action of Capitol Hill for the remote town of Moses Lake, Texas–with husband, stepson, and a U-Haul in tow.

A sweet, mishap-filled journey into marriage, motherhood, and ranch living ensues, and Mallory is filled with both the wonderment of love and the insecurities of change. But what she can’t shake is the unease she feels around her husband’s new boss, Jack West. Jack’s presence–and his mysterious past–set her on edge, and when hints of a scandal emerge, Mallory finds herself seeking answers… and comes to realize that the middle-of-nowhere home she wasn’t sure she wanted is the very place she’ll risk everything to save.

The Review:

Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate is a beautifully written novel about the romantic and sometimes stressful early months of marriage. It is also a wonderful story of self-discovery and making the best of what life brings. An intriguing mystery and a little bit of political intrigue provide added interest to this fast moving and compelling third installment of the fabulous Moses Lake series.

It is love at first sight for Mallory Hale and Daniel Everson, and they embark on a whirlwind courtship. When Daniel receives an offer for a job in the small and remote town of Moses Lake, they hastily marry and begin married life together. Mallory is a fish out of water as she begins her new life as a wife and stepmother. She is also ill-prepared for the challenges facing her in their isolated home. Adding to her unease are the rumors circulating about Daniel’s enigmatic boss, Jack West. When she comes across a secret that threatens her new life, Mallory discovers she is willing to risk everything to protect the town and people she has slowly begun to love.

Mallory is the kind of heroine I love-feisty, strong and willing to rise to the challenges facing her. That is not to say that she does not have her moments of self pity. She wrestles with self-doubt and insecurities but she is quick to jump in with both feet and take action when needed. Her new life becomes a journey of self-awareness as she uncovers hidden strengths and a newfound faith in God.

Mallory is also conflicted about her new role as a wife and stepmother. Her sense of identity is shaken when she is no longer a career woman. She is forced to re-define herself as she begins a new life. Mallory has to adapt to small town living and appreciate what the new community has to offer. The new people she meets and friendships she makes challenge some of her long held beliefs.

The romance portion of the storyline is understated but realistic. Like many newly married couples, Mallory and Daniel have a few adjustments to make for married life. Mallory is frustrated by Daniel’s new job and the amount of hours he works. Jack West is a difficult man to work for and Daniel is reluctant to voice any dissatisfaction. Daniel and Mallory have disagreements and arguments, but they also share many sweetly romantic moments.

They mystery subplot of Firefly Island is well executed. It is does not overpower the overall plot but it is quite interesting and believable. Ms. Wingate presents some fascinating insight and information into the inner workings of politics and political action committees.

Firefly Island is an engrossing and thought-provoking romance. Underlying themes of community, friendship, love, acceptance and God are interwoven throughout the story. Lisa Wingate always provides her readers with valuable reflections about appreciating life and the importance of slowing down and enjoying what you have.

Although it is the third novel in the Moses Lake series, Firefly Island can be read as a standalone story. This is my favorite book of the series, but I highly recommend Larkspur Cove and Blue Moon Bay as well.


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5 Responses to Review: Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate

  1. I love this author. I read the first book in this series so I need to catch up! Great review.

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Thank you, Becky! If you have not read Tending Roses, you need to ASAP!! It is my all time favorite book of Ms. Wingate’s.

  2. Eileen

    great review Kathy. I’ll have to check this out myself.

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Thank you, Eileen. Ms. Wingate has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. If you haven’t read her book, Tending Roses, you should pick it up. It is my favorite book of hers.

  3. Timitra

    Great review Kathy…will have to give this author a try!