Review: Bound for Keeps by SE Jakes

Title: Bound for Keeps by SE Jakes
Men of Honor Series Book Five
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Red Hots!!, M/M, M/M/M, Ménage & More
Length: Category
Book Rating: B+

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They can’t deny the attraction…or the danger…

Men of Honor, Book 5

Since losing their beloved third to cancer, Keith Masters and Johnny Lou Reed haven’t thought about filling the void in their lives with anyone else. Until a stormy Christmas Eve, when a half-frozen, newly discharged Army Ranger shows up on their doorstep—with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

The former Marine in Keith is suspicious that he can’t turn up any information about Shane anywhere, not even an address. Direct questioning will have to wait until they’ve gotten the boy well.

Shane knows it’s only a matter of time before Keith and Reed figure out his past. And when they learn the depth and the darkness of the secrets he holds, he could get them all killed.

In the heat of the dark winter nights, the three men discover a passion that heals the gaping wounds in their hearts. And Shane wonders, despite the danger hot on his heels, how he will ever bear to leave…

Product Warnings: Contains secrets, undercover operations and three hot, alpha military men who can set a cold winter night on fire.

The Review:

Bound for Keeps, the fifth installment in SE Jakes’ Men of Honor series, is a compelling romance between three men who are emotionally scarred by past events but still believe in the healing power of love.

Keith Masters and Johnny Lou Reed have been in a long term committed relationship for several years. They are still mourning the loss of their third partner, Bobby, when Shane mysteriously appears on their doorstep in the middle of a raging snow storm. As former military men now working as mercenaries, Keith and Reed are quickly aware their unexpected visitor is somehow connected with the military as well and it soon becomes clear that Shane is revealing a carefully edited version of his past. When Shane’s mysterious past finally catches up with him, will it destroy their fledgling relationship?

Ms. Jakes does a superlative job of getting the reader up to speed on the intricacies of everyone’s pasts and their previous and present relationships. Through flashbacks and conversations, we learn of how Keith and Bobby began their relationship and how Reed became the third in their triad. Shane’s story is revealed in bits and pieces and although Keith and Bobby uncover some of his secrets, they patiently wait for Shane to disclose this information on his own.

Bound for Keeps plays out over several months and the men’s shared experiences in both their professional and personal lives bring them together. Both Keith and Reed are honest with one another about their attraction to Shane and they both see the possibility of adding him to their relationship. The men take the time to get to know one another both individually and as a threesome both in bed and out. Their relationship never feels forced or hurried and it always feels realistic. There are a few instances of jealousy and there are few rough patches as Shane continues to keep secrets from Keith and Reed.

While the story is mainly character driven, there are a few action scenes. Reed and Keith go out on a few missions, and the story culminates with Shane’s confrontation with a man from his past. The action sequences are brief and wrapped up fairly quickly, but they provide added dimension to the characters and the plot.

The sex scenes are fairly well detailed and there is a light BDSM element to some of them. They are a good mix of ménage scenes as well as the men together in different pairings. There is a little bit of dominant and submissive exploration between the three men and the men are a perfect compliment for one another.

The Men of Honor series is an excellent series and while I have enjoyed all of the previous installments, Bound for Keeps is my personal favorite. The story is fast-paced and quite riveting. The protagonists are exceptionally well-developed and their flaws add to their charm.

Although Bound for Keeps can be read as a standalone story, you won’t want to miss a single installment in this outstanding series from SE Jakes. Definitely a recommended read for anyone who enjoys romances with hot military men turned mercenaries.


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  1. Timitra

    Ooooh this sounds good-thanks Kathy!

  2. Suzanne

    Sounds like a great story- the whole series is great and I missed it. So I have catch up to do.