Saturday Series Spotlight: Scotty Cade’s Unconventional

Title: An Unconventional Courtship by Scotty Cade
Unconventional Series Book One
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, M/M, Romance
Length: 230 pages


Tristan Moreau loves his job as chief administrative officer and personal assistant to Webber Kincaid, President, Chairman, and CEO of Kincaid International. It would be the perfect job… if only he hadn’t fallen in love with his boss as well as the work. After two years, he’s still doing everything in his power to keep his feelings hidden—mostly because he wants to protect the reputation of his famous boss but also because he wants to keep his job.

Webber Kincaid has stayed in the closet, using his best friend and confidante as his beard. Everything in his life was working out just fine until he met Tristan Moreau. Within months, Tristan stole his heart and became his lifeline. But Webber knows the rules of the workplace better than anyone, so he’s kept his distance.

But two years is too long to wonder “what if?”—especially when business takes them to a private Caribbean island. When Tristan and Webber succumb to the tropical heat, their professionalism starts to backslide. It’s a seemingly impossible relationship, making a go at it under the paparazzi’s microscope. It may be the best—or the worst—business decision they ever made.

Title: An Unconventional Union by Scotty Cade
Unconventional Series Book Two
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, M/M, Romance
Length: 210 pages


Sequel to An Unconventional Courtship

Kincaid International Corporation’s CEO, Webber Kincaid, and his executive assistant, Tristan Moreau, have just returned from a Caribbean business trip gone horribly right. After years of hiding their love for each other, they finally came clean—and discovered KIC’s chief financial officer has been up to some shady business transactions. Now that they’re back, Tristan and Webber must expose the CFO’s indiscretions—and save Webber’s reputation, since he’s ultimately responsible for his CFO’s actions. With Tristan by his side, Webber faces KIC’s board of directors and a looming investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice.

With all the uncertainty surrounding them, Webber and Tristan rely on the strength of their connection. Together, they plan an intimate wedding on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. But despite their love for one another, Webber and Tristan quickly realize they have some hurdles to cross before they can start their unexpected new life.

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14 Responses to Saturday Series Spotlight: Scotty Cade’s Unconventional

  1. Eileen

    both sound wonderful. I would have to start at the beginning with An Unconventional Courtship. Thanks.

  2. laurie g

    both sound wonderful. I would have to start at the beginning with An Unconventional Courtship. Thanks.

  3. Andrea M

    This sounds good and I’ve love to win the first book. Please count me in,

  4. Trix

    Either would be great, but I guess it makes more sense for me to start with the first one…

  5. Urbanista

    I have wanted to start this series,,so I’ll start with the pfirst book, An Uncomventional Courtship. Thanks everyone!

  6. Suze

    Have read others by Scotty and enjoyed so count me in. I’ll start at the beginning with Courtship if lucky

  7. Karl

    I have “An Unconventional Courtship” on my wish list so would love to win this book. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.


  8. Jess1

    Interested in reading this series. Thanks for the contest!

  9. Cec

    New author to me. They both sound like great reads!
    Thank you!

  10. Gigi

    Sounds great!!! Please count me in. Thanks.

  11. Timitra

    Interesting sounding series! If I win I’d love to start with An Unconventional Courtship!

  12. Nancy S

    I would want Courtship and then I would hurry to buy Union. They sound great.

  13. Judi P

    I’d love to win An Unconventional Union!! Thanks so much for the contest!!

  14. Since I haven’t started reading this series yet, I’d have to start from the beginning with An Unconventional Courtship. Than You so much!!