Review: The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee by Carolyn Brown

Title: The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee by Carolyn Brown
Cadillac, TX Series Book One
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Sourcebooks Landmark
Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

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Bestselling author Carolyn Brown makes her first foray into women’s fiction with this poignant and hilarious novel about four friends in Cadillac, Texas—where the best jalapeños in the world are grown.

Everything is calm in Cadillac, Texas until Aunt Agnes declares war on Violet Prescott, the president of the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society, just in time for the annual jubilee. But after the festivities—and the hostilities—are over, it’s four friends who are left standing, proving once again that friendship is forever.

The Review:

Carolyn Brown’s The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee is an absolutely delightful departure from her typical romance novel. It is a captivating story of friendship that will make you laugh and cry as four close friends support one another through good times and bad.

Trixie Matthews, twin sisters Marty and Cathy Andrews have been friends since childhood. As adults, their circle has expanded to include ex-“escort” turned preacher Darla Jean. Together these four women, along with their other childhood friend Jack Landry, maintain a close bond that is soon tested by secrets, betrayals, small town gossip and the infighting among the members of the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society.

Marty and Cathy Andrews might be twins but their personalities are completely opposite. Marty is outspoken and has a serious weakness for cowboys and one night stands. Cathy is quieter, engaged to be married and content to not rock the boat. Marty stays the same throughout much of the story while Cathy learns to stand up for herself and in doing so, she discovers the passion that has been missing from her life.

Trixie and Darla Jean have both undergone some dramatic changes in their lives over the past few years. Trixie has been through a difficult divorce from her cheating husband, Andy, and she still finds him pretty irresistible. Darla Jean has found her calling as a preacher, but she is also drawn to helping women in need.

The on-going, life-long feud Marty and Cathy’s Aunt Agnes and Violet Prescott, one of the founders of the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society, provides some of the funniest moments in the story. Aunt Agnes is not one to back down from a fight and she is just as outspoken as her niece, Marty and I want to be just like her when I grow up. Loyal to a fault and protective of those she loves, her gruff exterior hides her gooey soft marshmallow heart. Violet Prescott is mean, vindictive and petty and I loved seeing Aunt Agnes put her in her place!

The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee is a fabulous novel about life in a small town and the strong bonds of friendship. With her trademark wit and down home charm, Carolyn Brown has written a compelling story with an eclectic and vibrant cast of characters that that will steal your heart.


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