Friday Feature: Cara Carnes’ Weekend Menage Blog Tour Stop, Interview, Review & Contest

Welcome to my blog tour stop for Cara Carnes’ Weekend Menage brought to you by Candlelight Book promotions. Today’s stop includes an interview with Cara Carnes, my review of Weekend Menage and a giveaway.

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In your opinion, what makes a great hero?

Other than a kick-ass body and lethal prowess both in and out of the bedroom? I love when a hero gets dragged through hell and back and willing crawls back to do what needs to be done. Someone with the brains to challenge the heroine, the heart to take her anguish as his own and the grit to accept her as an equal—even though his alpha ego demands otherwise.

Do you prefer strong women for heroines, or the ‘damsel in distress’ type?

Since I tend to gravitate toward assertive, alpha makes, the heroine has to have the guts to stand up to him. I love strong women in situations where, for the first time in a long time, they have to rely on someone else for help. Those emotionally edged, precarious situations get me just about every time.

Do you have anything in common with your characters?

Hmm…I think every writer writes a piece of themselves into every work, even if they don’t realize it. IMHO you almost have to in order connect to them somehow in order the get any true emotional depth. If I can’t feel their pain or fear or heartache, then I haven’t done my job. And if the hero doesn’t make my heart race, how can I expect a reader to viscerally react and demand more?

What is one place in the world you’d love to visit which you haven’t already been?

My list of places to see is so long it’d be easier to tell you where I don’t want to go. I am desperate to see New Zealand. I’d do just about anything to get to Europe. And China. And Russia. Okay, you said one. I’ll go with New Zealand for now.

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?

*narrows eyes* Who told you to ask that? LOL…I shamefully have way too many coals on the fire and sometimes feel as though I can’t get anything finished. I have two different paranormal works, an erotic futuristic and two erotic contemporaries. Those are the ones I’ll confess to.:)

I tend to get easily distracted with plot bunnies as they go scampering through my head. So I pause what I’m working on to “scrawl” the idea down and three chapters later…Well, I think you can get the picture.

They all get done eventually. It’s just a battle for my attention until the end.

I can tell you the 5th Pleasure Brigade is in there at the top of the heap. And a turbo hot futuristic that I’m really enjoying a lot.

Coffee of tea?


Pedicure or massage?


Paper or plastic?


Cats or dogs?

Cats, but I LOVE both!

Author Bio:

Born in small-town Texas, Cara Carnes was a princess, a pirate, fashion model, actress, rock star and Jon Bon Jovi’s wife all before the age of 13.

In reality, her fascination for enthralling worlds took seed somewhere amidst a somewhat dull day job and a wonderful life filled with family and friends. When she’s not cemented to her chair, Cara loves travelling, photography and reading.

More information about Cara can be found on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

Title: Weekend Ménage by Cara Carnes
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Ménage, M/F/M
Word Count: 13,000
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Blog Tour Company


Rebecca Ann Majors fled the temptation of a ménage once, but now the two sexy men starring in her wildest fantasy are back and demanding her complete surrender for the weekend. Emboldened by lust, she succumbs to her desire and learns ecstasy has a price.

They demand everything she has and more.

Joe Davenport and Dillan Morrisey are used to handling any situation—including the sexy siren who sashayed out of their lives two years ago. This time she’ll quench their lust, even if it means they have to share her.

When Sunday morning dawns, the three must decide if one weekend was enough to sate their shared passion.

The Review:

If you are looking for a short read that is smokin’ hot, then you will LOVE Weekend Ménage. Cara Carnes packs a whole lot of heat in this exquisitely erotic ménage between Rebecca Majors and the geeky but sinfully sexy Joe Davenport and Dillan Morrisey.

Rebecca Majors regretted her decision not to participate in a ménage with her brothers’ friends Joe and Dillan. But when she gets the chance to live out her fantasy a second time, she eagerly indulges in a passionate weekend with these two hotties.

Weekend Ménage is a quick read that mainly focuses on the sexual relationship between Rebecca, Joe and Dillan. The characters are well-fleshed and the previous connection between them makes the story more realistic. The sexual chemistry between them is positively sizzling and their sex scenes are highly detailed, varied and extremely sensuous. Their intense sexual attraction for one another provides the perfect foundation for a future relationship between them. While the ending is more of a beginning, it is still very satisfying.

While Weekend Ménage is the first Cara Carnes’ book I have read, it certainly won’t be my last.


She flopped out of bed in a display of anger no one could see. Assuming they were still stuck on the mile-long stretch of hotels by the airport she’d have a good forty minutes to find pillows, blankets and sheets. The sofa supposedly made into a bed, but she doubted it was designed for normal humans to find comfortable.
Not. Her. Problem.

“I hope they don’t mind sharing a queen-sized foldout.”

Her brother chuckled. “They’ve shared smaller.”

Great. Now she’d have images of the two geeks mugging down because they were probably gay. “They here for the parade then?”

“What?” Her brother paused for a moment and then busted out with a fit of laughter. “They aren’t gay, sis.”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“You’ll see soon enough. But listen, seriously, I owe you big time for this.”

There he went getting all serious and shit just when she’d spiked her pissed meter to a good level. She padded into the living room and trudged to the small hallway closet.

“Just let me know if they give you a hard time and I’ll kick their asses. Somehow.”

“I think I can handle a couple of geeks.” He chuckled and a sense of unease settled into the back of her brain, waiting for the sleepy haze to clear. Something about that sound made her question her assumptions. Then his last word thundered through her. Somehow.

“Wait. Who’s coming over here, Andy? I know most of your friends. There aren’t that many you couldn’t knock six ways to Sunday.”

Two specific names rammed her defenses and shattered her into a puddle of wanton hope. Dear God, if they showed up here she’d jump them. Heaven help them both because she’d walked away from them once a couple of years ago.

A one-night stand with her brother’s friends wasn’t a good idea, and she never allowed a man more time with her than that. She’d learned her lesson a couple of times over. Give a man your heart and he’ll fillet it while you watch. Then leave you a dry husk of what you were.

Not that she was bitter. Or jaded.

Okay, she was both but she had good reason to be cautious and those two men had been way too tempting and determined.

They’d been drunk. The offer had become her most frequented sex dream. The what if I’d become the innocent in their sin sandwich?

She jumped when the doorbell sounded.

“That’s probably Joe and Dillan.”

Oh freaking mother of all that was screwed up. It was them.

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  1. Linda

    Love the excerpt, =) can´t wait for my chance to read more!
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Friday!

  2. Suze

    I’ll carry Cara’s bags when she goes to New Zealand!!

  3. Joanne B

    You’re so busy, I don’t know how you get anything done. Thanks goodness you finished this book. Weekend Menage sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it to see more of Dillion, Joe, and Rebecca.

  4. Trix

    Sounds excellent! Perhaps there’s an m/m/f or m/m/m story in your future…?

    • LOL, Trix. You know, I’ve been dancing that fine line of doing some sort of m/m interaction for quite a while and have never been shoved over it yet. There’s always hope for the future though. 🙂

  5. Nancy S

    Good excerpt. Consider Trix’s suggestion of some mm action, that’s some hot stuff to wrap your talent around.

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    Thanks for the excerpt! I love adding more books to my TBR…Now to catch up on my reading.

  9. Veronica

    I love these kinds of stories (menages) because you always end up rooting for her to somehow choose both of them.