Spotlight: Coded G6 by Hillary Layelle

Title: Coded G6 by Hillary Layelle
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Word Length: 30,538/84 pages


Coded G6 is the introductory book to The Trexel Series. Though it starts off as a college romance, it segues to the uncovering of an immortal race. Claire is undeniably lured into Michael’s realm when she returns to Anchorage, AK to earn her sophomore credits. She questions their intense chemistry, however, when she turns privy to his extraordinary thought bending abilities. Beneath his role as a student, Michael has other obligations; primarily, acquisition of the next viable prospect for his exclusive group. Testing Claire and others without their consent, he learns that she meets biological prerequisites to membership. Her safe, predictable life shifts into a bizarre reality when limitations of mortality and restrictions of human capabilities begin to dissipate.

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Author Bio:

Hillary is a Biology student at Utah State University. After seven years with a major mortgage broker, and a couple years selling new construction for home builders, she resolved to finish her degree and spend more time with family. She considers herself a lucky wife, loving mother, avid reader, passionate snowboarder, crochet master, and aspiring best-selling author!

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