Saturday Series Spotlight: Ariel Tachna’s Lang Downs & Contest

Title: Inherit the Sky by Ariel Tachna
Lang Downs Series Book One
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 210 pages


Caine Neiheisel is stuck in a dead-end job at the end of a dead-end relationship when the chance of a lifetime falls in his lap. His mother inherits her uncle’s sheep station in New South Wales, Australia, and Caine sees it as the opportunity to start over, out on the range where his stutter won’t hold him back and his willingness to work will surely make up for his lack of knowledge.

Unfortunately, Macklin Armstrong, the foreman of Lang Downs who should be Caine’s biggest ally, alternates between being cool and downright dismissive, and the other hands are more amused by Caine’s American accent than they are moved by his plight… until they find out he’s gay and their amusement turns to scorn. It will take all of Caine’s determination—and an act of cruel sabotage by a hostile neighbor—to bring the men of Lang Downs together and give Caine and Macklin a chance at love.

Title: Chase the Stars by Ariel Tachna
Lang Downs Series Book Two
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 250 pages


Twenty-year-old Chris Simms is barely keeping his head above water. After losing his mother and his home, he struggles to provide for himself and his brother. When homophobes attack him, he thinks his life is over, but then he’s rescued by jackaroos from a nearby sheep station. He’s as stunned to be offered a job there as he is to discover both the station owner and foreman are gay.

For Chris, Lang Downs is a dream—one that only gets better when Chris realizes the jackaroo he’s crushing on, Jesse Harris, is gay and amenable to a fling. Everything goes well until Chris realizes he’s falling for Jesse a lot harder than allowed by their deal.

Jesse is a drifter who moves from station to station, never looking for anything permanent. Convinced Chris is too young and fragile for a real relationship, he sets rules to keep things casual. Watching the station owner and his foreman together makes Jesse wonder if there are benefits to settling down, but when he realizes how Chris feels about him, he panics. He and Chris will have to decide if a try for happiness is worth the risk before the end of the season tears them apart.

Title: Outlast the Night by Ariel Tachna
Lang Downs Series Book Three
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 210 pages


Office manager Sam Emery is unemployed and out of luck. When his emotionally abusive wife demands a divorce, he contacts the one person he has left, his brother, Neil. He doesn’t expect Neil to reject him, but he also doesn’t expect the news of his divorce—and of his sexuality—to be met with such acceptance.

Neil takes Sam to Lang Downs, the sheep station Neil calls home. There, Sam learns that life as a gay man isn’t impossible. Caine and Macklin, the station owners, certainly seem to be making it work. When Caine offers Sam a job, it’s a dream come true.

Jeremy Taylor leaves the only home he’s ever known when his brother’s homophobia becomes more than he can bear. He goes to the one place he knows he will be accepted: Lang Downs. He clicks with Sam instantly—but the animosity between Lang Downs and Jeremy’s home station runs deep, and the jackaroos won’t accept Jeremy without a fight. Between Sam’s insecurity and Jeremy’s precarious position, their road will be a hard one—and that’s without having to wait for Sam’s divorce to be final before starting a new life together.

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12 Responses to Saturday Series Spotlight: Ariel Tachna’s Lang Downs & Contest

  1. Suze

    What great timing! I have read the first two books and have OUtlast the Night on my July buy list! So count me in for Outlast the Night please!

  2. Sin Chan

    Thanks for the giveaway. Since I’m new to the series. I’d love to win Inherit the Sky in pdf. Count me in please.

  3. laurie g

    Thanks for the giveaway. Since I’m new to the series. I’d love to win Inherit the Sky in pdf. Count me in please.

  4. Juliana

    This is such a great series! Outlast the Night would be my choice! In mobi if possible! 😉

  5. Trix

    INHERIT THE SKY would be lovely!

  6. Carolyn

    This is a series I’ve had my eye on but haven’t started. So, please put me in for Inherit the Sky . Thank you!

  7. Nancy S

    Oh yes please count me in. Ariel writes such good and hot books.

  8. Timitra

    Sounds like a great series, if I win I want the first book, Inherit The Sky!

  9. Meghan Stith

    Wow… Totally can’t wait to read this! Adding it to my TBR list… Beautiful cover, too! ; ) I love this genre and I always wonder what made the author choose to write in this kind of genre? Thanks for sharing with us and Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  10. Landry

    I have not read anything by this author so I would love to win the first in this series, “Inherit the Sky” in epub if possible. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Love your site!!

  11. Jess1

    My pick would be “Inherit the Sky in mobi format. Thanks!

  12. Maya

    Yes please, count me in for the second book “Chase the Stars”. Thanks!