Blog Tour Stop, Excerpt & Contest: Mysti Parker’s Hearts in Exile (Tallenmere #3)

Title: Hearts in Exile (Tallenmere #3) by Mysti Parker
Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure
Length: 402 pages/Word Count: 124,000


In Tallenmere, fate has a way of catching up with you…

Somewhere, hidden in the waters of the Southern Sea, lies an island unlike any other. Within the amber glow of its pyrogem-laden cliffs, legend says the very heart of the dragon god Drae keeps the island, and its occupants, alive.

Loralee Munroviel, daughter of Leogard’s High Priestess Arianne, had no idea what she would face when she arrived by boat ten years ago and was left alone in exile. All she knew about Draekoria’s inhabitants was written in one tattered notebook. Now, her life revolves around keeping Drae’s descendants happy. Never in her life did she imagine being a Dragon Keeper.

Captain Igrorio Everlyn, known as Sir Robert to his unit of Holy Paladins, has faced his share of hell, battling the evils of Emperor Sarvonn’s tyranny and the dark god Tyr’s abominations. But none of that compares to the ten years of hell he’s been without Loralee, presumed dead.

One freak storm changes everything. Now the two of them must fight to reestablish the delicate balance of the island before the dragons take things into their own hands. Through it all, they discover the secrets that kept them, and their hearts, exiled for a decade.

Warning: Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

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Loralee and Sir Robert, reunited again at last, take a tour of the island…on the back of a dragon!

Wrapping both arms around Loralee’s body, I dared a look down. White-crested waves rolled across the sea below. Gulls soared over the water, and sunlight glinted off the shiny, black feathers on their backs. Loralee held to the spike in front of her and pointed out a pod of dolphins. They leapt, one after the other, in graceful arcs, chasing a school of fish swimming just beneath the surface.

Here in the sky, flying like I had only dreamed until then, a strange serenity embraced me—all my fears subsided under weightless freedom. We were putting our lives in another’s hands, but for once, I didn’t fight it … I just let it be.

“Amazing,” I whispered.


“I said it’s amazing!”

She craned her head around and gave me a quick kiss. “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Xaxony tilted right. I squeezed Loralee and the spike behind me again until our flying mount leveled out. But, then she flew straight toward the cliff. Suddenly, the dragon lifted upward, and Loralee’s weight shifted onto my chest. My back pressed against the spike, and I clenched my eyes shut again.

Soon as she leveled out once more, I opened my eyes and looked down. We’d cleared the cliff. A sea of green filled the space below us in the form of a great jungle. In the distance all around us, I could see the rust-red walls of the rock cliffs. The inner habitat of the island was contained within.

Xaxony veered left. After a while, the jungle below opened up to a meadow dominated by tall, dry grasses and twisted penuke trees. Wild snippets swung and hopped from branch to branch, chattering in high-pitched squeaks. A few long dragon necks of scarlet, gray, and indigo rose above the branches and followed our trajectory over the canopy.

Xaxony circled right, a quarter mile or so from the southern cliff, and flew to where the meadow ended at the edge of a lake. Below the water’s surface, a dragon’s dark outline made languid, serpentine waves as it swam.

Author Bio

Mysti Parker (pseudonym) is a full time wife, mother of three, and a writer. Her first novel, A Ranger’s Tale was published in January, 2011 by Melange Books, and the second in the fantasy romance series, Serenya’s Song, was published in April 2012. The highly anticipated third book, Hearts in Exile, has already received some great reviews. The ‘Tallenmere Series’ has been likened to Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ series, but is probably closer to a spicy cross between Tolkien and Mercedes Lackey.

Mysti’s other writings have appeared in the anthologies Hearts of Tomorrow, Christmas Lites, and Christmas Lites II. Her flash fiction has appeared on the online magazine EveryDayFiction. She has also served as a class mentor in Writers Village University’s six week free course, F2K.

Mysti reviews books for SQ Magazine, an online specific publication, and is the proud owner of Unwritten, a blog voted #3 for eCollegeFinder’s Top Writing Blogs award. She resides in Buckner, KY with her husband and three children.

Connect with Mysti Parker: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Prize is 1 eBook copy of “Hearts in Exile” (Int); 1 autographed print copy of “Hearts in Exile” (US/Canada). Contest ends July 14. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me here today! ~Mysti

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