Spotlight: Elizabeth’s Men by Sydney Cade West

Title: Elizabeth’s Men by Sydney Cade West
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 314 pages


When a torrid scandal in a poor backwoods Kansas town strikes too close to home, angry seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Hyland vows to strike back. It will take a long time to get even with the man who taught her to hate, but money and power can do almost anything. When law school roommate and friend, Robin, inadvertently plants the seed of how Elizabeth’s plan can be implemented, Liz knows that such a move could make or break her, but achieving the former is work risking the latter, so she perfects the plan and takes the leap. She is not, however, prepared for what’s behind that door. Elizabeth’s Men is a sizzling Romantic novel written for the adult contemporary woman.

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