Saturday Series Spotlight & Contest: A.M. Arthur’s Cost of Repairs

Title: Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur
Cost of Repairs Series Book One
Publisher: Samahin Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance, Red Hots!!
Length: Novel


Fixing the home can heal the heart—if you can find all the pieces.

Police officer Samuel Briggs is getting to know the people on his new, third-shift beat, but he’d prefer they not know too much about him—or the painful past that drove him away from New Mexico to start fresh in small-town Stratton, PA.

All he wants is peace, a manageable routine, and time to fix up his project home. There’s no room in his broken heart for a new relationship. It’s crowded with too many memories. But there’s something about the Dixie’s Cup short-order cook, who’s flirty one minute, distracted the next, that piques Sam’s interest.

Part-time cook, part-time hardware salesman and full-time handyman Rey King lives to work—but not because he loves it. Relationships? No time. Until one glance at Sam’s haunted eyes sends a plumb line straight to his wary heart.

One afternoon of impulsive, no-strings sex begins to grow into a cautious friendship. But when Rey is seriously injured protecting a friend, the cracks in their already shaky foundation begin to show. Falling in love wasn’t in either man’s recovery plan…and this time, the risk could be too great.

Product Warnings: Contains one emotionally wrecked cop, one angsty short-order cook, a few too many secrets, some meddling small-town folk, and plenty of hot man-on-man action.

Title: Color of Grace by A.M. Arthur
Cost of Repairs Series Book Two
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance
Length: Category


Looking to the future begins with forgiving the past.

Cost of Repairs, Book 2

Barrett McCall once lived like there was no tomorrow. Now the reformed party animal savors each day as a gift. His short order cook job at Dixie’s Cup pays the rent, and he’s content with his sober—if solitary—life.

When a fire leaves him homeless, Dixie’s offer to let him move into her basement apartment puts him on a collision course with her nephew, art teacher Schuyler Rhodes. The heat between them crackles, but in Schuyler’s eyes Barrett recognizes the same demons he exorcised long ago.

Dixie’s kind-hearted offer couldn’t come at a worse time for Schuyler. It’s the anniversary of his teenage cousin Matty’s drowning. Everyone believes it was an accident, but Schuyler knows the truth—and so does the culprit. For fifteen years that truth has burned a hole in his soul…and now it keeps Barrett at arm’s length.

One lingering kiss melts away the barriers between them, but when the other witness to Matty’s death shows up in town, Schuyler is forced into a confrontation that could cost him Barrett’s love—and possibly his own life.

Product Warnings: Contains a hot man-on-man romance between a slightly uptight art teacher and a free-spirited tattoo-artist-turned-line-cook, a bucket of guilt sprinkled on top of past regrets, and the improper use of bamboo kabob skewers.

Title: Weight of Silence by A.M. Arthur
Cost of Repairs Series Book Three
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance
Length: Category


The wrong secret can poison everything–even if it’s kept with the best of intentions.

Cost of Repairs, Book 3

Gavin Perez knows he’s a living cliché. He works a dead-end job, shares a trailer with his waitress mom, has an abusive, absentee sperm donor, and he’s poor. So color him shocked when middle-class, white-bread Jace Ramsey agrees to hang out with him.

Granted, Gavin is trying to make up for dumping a bowl of cranberry sauce on Jace at Thanksgiving. And boy, is Gavin forgiven, over and over again…until Jace goes back to college for finals and stops returning Gavin’s calls.

Back home from the semester from hell, Jace doesn’t want to do anything but sleep through the holidays. It’s easier than coming out to his family—or facing Gavin’s hurt. But Gavin’s ready forgiveness draws them back together, and Jace won’t be able to stay in the closet much longer.

Nor will he be able to keep hiding his pain. He trusts Gavin with his body, maybe even with his heart. But can he trust that a devastating secret that’s eating him up inside won’t destroy everything—and everyone—he loves?

Product Warnings: This book contains one slightly hyperactive hero from the wrong side of town, a frustrated college student looking for a little life experience, and an unexpected romance amid dark secrets that just won’t stay buried. Also contains references to physical abuse some readers may find disturbing.

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16 Responses to Saturday Series Spotlight & Contest: A.M. Arthur’s Cost of Repairs

  1. Mary Preston

    I’d have to read Book One – COST OF REPAIRS. Fabulous thank you.

  2. Christine LaCombe

    wow, they all sound great but I will choose book 1, Cost of Repairs. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  3. Yolanda

    Looks like a great series. I’d like a copy of the Color of Grace.

  4. Maya

    Oooh! I’ll pick “Weight of Silence” please, since I already have the other two books! If I win, of course! 😉

  5. laurie goudge

    Oooh! I’ll pick “Weight of Silence” please

  6. Carolyn

    Always nice to start a series with the first one, so please put me down for Cost of Repairs. Thanks, Kathy!

  7. Landry

    This is a new author to me but all the books in this series sound wonderful! I would love to read the Weight of Silence if I were lucky enough to win! As always, I appreciate the opportunity to win! Thanks Kathy!!

  8. Karl

    I have had my eye on this series for awhile. Please count me in for the first book Cost Of Repairs. Thanks.

  9. Suze

    Loved Cost of Repairs! So I would choose Colour of Grace please. Can’t believe I missed knowing there were more books in the series!

  10. Jess1

    Since I have the first book already, I would like Color of Grace in mobi format please.

  11. Trix

    I’ll go with COST OF REPAIRS!



  13. Andrea M

    I’d love to win Book 3, Weight of Silence. I have the other 2 and they’re great.

  14. Cynthia

    I’ll have to go with the first book, Cost of Repairs, since I’m new to this series. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Sherry

    If I win this would be a new to me author so I must have book 1 Cost of Repairs. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  16. Urbanista

    Cost of Repairs, please. Sounds like a great series. Thank you!