Review: Two Times As Hot by Cat Johnson

Title: Two Times As Hot by Cat Johnson
Oklahoma Nights Series Book Two
Publisher: Kensington
Imprint: Brava
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Oklahoma Nights, Book 2

One Good Girl…

After her sister snags a hot Oklahoma cowboy, Emma Hart figures it’s her turn to saddle up. And with two country boys pursuing her at once, she’s in for a wild ride…

Two Sexy Guys…

Lieutenant Colonel Logan Hunt can’t deny the heat between him and Emma is fierce. But Logan isn’t looking for anything serious…just a chance to blow off some steam. So why is he crazy jealous when he sees pro bull rider Jace Mills trying to charm Emma into bed?

Winner Takes All…

Logan knows he and Emma could have something special–and not just because she’s smokin’ hot. Now he has to find a way to prove that even a no-strings-attached guy like him can stick around for the long haul…

The Review:

Cat Johnson’s Two Times As Hot is also two times as sweet, sexy and heartwarming. This second installment in the Oklahoma Nights series is sure to delight old and new fans of the series and it leaves everyone chomping at the bit for book number three, Three Weeks with a Bull Rider (love the clever play on the book titles).

Back in Oklahoma for her sister Becca’s wedding, Emma Hart is not surprised to see Jace Mills, the bull rider she met at the same rodeo where Becca met her husband to be Tuck. What does surprise her is the unexpected attraction she feels for Logan Hunt, Tuck’s best friend. Unfortunately, Emma has already agreed to be Jace’s date for the wedding reception, but with Jace conspicuously missing following the ceremony, Logan gallantly steps in as Emma’s escort. When their sizzling passion proves too hot to resist, Logan and Emma agree to a steamy one night fling. When the night is over, the two reluctantly and regretfully go their separate ways but will an unexpected twist of fate bring them back into one another’s arms?

I really, really liked Logan in One Night with a Cowboy so I was super excited to discover he is the star of Two Times As Hot. I find several things about him appealing but his age and maturity are probably what I love most. Logan is also responsible and steady as a rock and this just makes him all the more irresistible. Although Logan has not had a serious relationship it is not because he plays the field. Instead it is because of his military career and the pure and simple fact he has not met the right person. Which makes it all the more sweet when he begins to fall for Emma.

Emma played a huge role in One Night with a Cowboy and I probably never would have forgiven Ms. Johnson if she hadn’t written Emma’s story ;). First up, I have to say I love the pairing of Emma and Logan. She, too, is older and she needs someone who was willing to put her first. And I am happy to report, Logan is willing, able and thrilled to focus all of his attention on her. That’s not to say their relationship does not hit a few snags. Emma’s life is not in Oklahoma, and after their incredible night together, she returns to New York. An unexpected emergency consumes Logan and the two don’t have any contact after Becca and Tuck’s wedding. But a surprising set of circumstances brings them together and their romance soon takes a delightful turn.

If I had to pick one word to describe Two Times As Hot, I would have to say “real” and I’ll explain why. First, the characters. They are richly drawn and very realistic. Emma is genuinely happy for Becca but she is also a little jealous. She has insecurities but she does not let them consume her or keep her from going after her chance at happiness. Then there is Logan. Due to extenuating circumstances, he finds himself conflicted between family obligations and his career. He has a tough decision to make and there are no easy answers to his quandary. And of course, there is a vast cast of secondary characters who add so much heart and soul to the overall story. They are as well drawn as the primary characters and there is one in particular that readers are going to love to hate :).

But, hands down, what makes Two Times As Hot so realistic are the strong friendships between the various characters. Close knit and loving, they are there for another through thick and thin and all of life’s ups and downs. They are extremely close and their support for another is incredible. The sense of family permeates the story and makes for a very warm and inviting read.

And last but not least, the plot. With Two Times As Hot, Cat Johnson puts a refreshing spin on a familiar storyline and readers will be thrilled with the outcome. A romance that is unique, appealing and delightfully unpredictable. Oh, yeah, it is also sinfully sensual and delectably steamy!

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  1. Timitra

    Sounds good-thanks for the great review Kathy!

  2. Cec

    Sshh don’t tell anyone, but I’ve never read a, Cat Johnson, book.
    I will definitely add book one and two to my tbr pile, sounds like a good series.
    Thanks for the review, Kathy!

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      What?! How is that even possible? LOL!! Her Samhain series, Studs in Spurs, is great too!

  3. Natalija

    Loved the review, thanks for sharing!