Spotlight: Harker by Kris Andersson

Title: Harker by Kris Andersson
Publisher: House of Erotica
Genre: Erotic, Romance, M/M
Length: 59 pages (estimated)


In the spring of 1897, young solicitor Jonathan Harker leaves behind his fiancée Mina and his Rent Boy lover Renfield and sets off on a business trip from London to the distant Carpathian Mountains.

What begins as a sexual adventure, however, soon becomes a journey into terror as Harker falls victim to dark forces and is unable to resist the depraved authority of his host and captor, the mysterious and charismatic Count Dracula.

Bram Stoker may have told the official version of the Dracula myth but only now can Harker himself speak out about the lust-fuelled, all-consuming, life draining power of an unstoppable force, Nosteratu…the undead!

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We all think we know the story of Dracula but in a new twist on a familiar story, and in time for Halloween 2013, South Yorkshire based author Kris Andersson returns to the classic study in fear and reveals the truth about Jonathan Harker’s relationship with his vampire host.

Published by House of Erotica and available now to download from Amazon’s Kindle Store, Harker is a strictly adults only story from the author of a string of popular m/m stories, including Soldiers and Lovers, While the Wife’s Away, Acts of Passion, A Special Gift, Swan and Room Service.

“I have known Bram Stoker’s great novel all my life and have always been aware of the hint of forbidden sexuality that lurks in its pages. It was an intriguing challenge to explore the homoerotic possibilities of this classic story and create an adventure that is as stimulating as it is unexpected…” Kris Andersson.

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