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Why Do All My Characters Meditate?

I was thinking yesterday about how nothing in my novels are consistent. In my Guru books, the theme is chick lit humor with a wine-drinking real estate agent who is clearly neurotic. In my brand new novel, Casey’s Quest, the genre is suspense and drama with a story about a young women who learns she was adopted at age four, yet she can’t remember anything. Not understanding why her adoptive parents kept this from her, she sets out on a journey to discover why her birth mother gave her up, only to discover her actual birth was part of a secret military project. Paranormal enters the picture when Casey learns that her latent remote viewing skills were likely brainwashed out of her. Clearly, two different genres going on in these two series.

Then, just to mix things up, in December I have a new book coming out entitled, Dusty Dreams. Once again deviating from the genres above, Dusty is a contemporary women’s drama (think LifeTime Channel). Dusty is a young woman who finds herself pregnant (as a result of forced sex with one of her mom’s boyfriend’s drunk pals). When her mother tells her to “take care of it,” she finds she can’t do it, and instead, decides to follow her lifelong dream of going to Hollywood and writing movie scripts. Take an 18 year old pregnant girl in Oklahoma to Hollywood, and you’re bound to have problems. From her gay roommate to her gothic roommate, her life will never be the same, especially when tragedy strikes and she must find the internal strength to persevere.

So what’s all that have to do with meditation?

Good question. And the answer is that across genre and character, meditation seems to be an important, underlying premise. While in Guru, she merely tries to meditate because she wants to be cool like other spiritual gurus; in Quest, the main character, Casey, is introduced to closing her eyes and “going inside,” from Thomas, the Shaman who helps her on her journey. And in Dreams, Dusty is faced with the horrific event of having her baby taken from her, and through a funny little Asian man who happens to be a Buddhist Master, she learns meditation.

I honestly never realized this theme until just recently when someone asked me if all my novels have anything in common. I guess now I can say they do. But why meditation? Again, not planning this on purpose, I have to admit that meditation has been something I have struggled with for many years. On one hand, I know it’s “good for me,” but on the other hand, it’s so darn hard to sit still and think about nothing for 20 minutes. Heck, on a good day, five minutes is a stretch. And who has time to do nothing when there’s a whole world to save?

The truth is that no matter what life throws at us, it’s essential that we keep our spirits strong and our faith in survival and success alive and well. And regardless of what we like to think, meditation is important. One thing I have learned is that it’s not about sitting cross-legged and chanting (although sometimes I like that!) as much as it is to find a few minutes to simply listen to the silence and clear the mind. Some people like to pray, and then wait for answers. Some people like to garden and feel like they’re one with the Earth. Being in nature is always very calming for many of us.

The point is that it is through those quiet moments that we carve out for ourselves that we begin to really know ourselves. Through a calm mind, our perception (hence our world) shifts, and we find we are much more resourceful and capable then we may have previously believed.

And this is why all of my characters, through one means or another, eventually find solace through meditation.

Title: Casey’s Quest by Tamara Lee Dorris
Publisher: Empowered Press Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: 358 pages


At her father’s death, Casey Anderson discovers she was adopted at age four. Not able to remember anything, she sets out on a quest to discover why her birth mother gave her up and, and why her adopted parent kept it such a secret. She embarks on a dangerous and spiritually enlightening journey that proves to her, nothing is what it seems.

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Author Bio

Tamara Lee Dorris has been a life-long fan of personal and spiritual development, and has written several books that fall under the category of “self-help.” Casey’s Quest explores various aspects of spiritual development, brain science & the paranormal. Tamara She is also an adjunct professor, radio host, and long time real estate professional.

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