Review: Temptation Bay by Anna Sullivan

Title: Temptation Bay by Anna Sullivan
Windfall Island Book One
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Imprint: Forever
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery
Length: 372 pages
Book Rating: C+

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Anna Sullivan brings us the first book in her witty new contemporary romance series set off the coast of Maine.


Maggie Solomon has always been one of Windfall Island’s favorite daughters. A beautiful, passionate charter pilot who loves this remote Maine island, Maggie has never cared much for outsiders-until her latest passenger arouses the curiosity of the town . . . and something hot and irresistible in Maggie. With his long, lean looks and razor-sharp wit, the man is temptation itself.

Cop-turned-PI Dexter Keegan is on a covert mission to solve the case that will make his career: uncovering the identity of the Stanhope heir, kidnapped nearly a century ago. No one on this fiercely protective island can know what he’s doing, not even the spirited, blue-eyed beauty who infuriates-and excites-Dex. As the desire between them ignites, Maggie becomes the key to the case . . . and the target of an unknown enemy. Now Dex will do anything to protect the woman he’s come to love-even risk his own life.

The Review:

Anna Sullivan’s Temptation Bay is an entertaining first installment in the Windfall Island series. It is a lovely romance but I must confess it is the mystery aspect of the storyline that I found most intriguing.

At first I really was not sure if I was going to like either of the main characters. Maggie Solomon has built a successful charter service and while she is independent and fiercely loyal to her friends, she is incredibly stubborn and rather bristly. She has an extremely contentious and complicated relationship with her high ranking military father that colors her perception of herself and her self worth. Maggie’s interactions with her friends revealed the loving, softer side of her and I did wind up liking her more than I thought I would.

In the beginning, Dex Keegan was just as annoying as Maggie, but his irritating traits were fleeting and limited to his first meeting with Maggie. His background is the complete opposite of Maggie’s and he has a warm and loving relationship with his extended family. Overall, Dex is the more likable of the two but he has a few hang ups that have a major impact on their relationship later in the story.

The sparks fly between Maggie and Dex right from their first meeting but not all of those sparks are from attraction. Their first meeting is quite contentious and it takes a while for their antagonism towards one another to simmer down. However Maggie and Dex do eventually given in to their desire and wowza! Their encounters are passionate and their sex scenes are smoking hot. Although they are quite compatible in bed, out of bed, they are still fighting their respective demons. Ms. Sullivan has a few surprises in store for this volatile couple and I really enjoyed how their romance eventually played out.

The mystery portion of the plot caught my interest right away and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the investigation. Maggie is a hard sell, but once Dex finally confesses the truth about his reasons for being on the island, she does aid him in his quest to find the missing Stanhope heir. Even with Maggie’s assistance, Dex continues to run into obstacles during his search and it soon becomes clear that someone is willing to go any lengths to keep them from finding the heir.

Despite a few initial reservations, I enjoyed Temptation Bay. It is very well-written and the secondary cast of characters is outstanding. Anna Sullivan leaves a few of the storylines unresolved and I am eagerly awaiting the next Windfall Island series.

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