Review: Untouched by Maisey Yates

untouchedTitle: Unexpected by Maisey Yates
A Silver Creek Novel (Book Two)
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Imprint: InterMix
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 320 pdf pages
Book Rating: B

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In the Silver Creek romance Unexpected, Cole Mitchell found love in the last place he ever thought to look. Now, in USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates’ newest novel, Cole’s little sister Lark is determined to have her turn…

Having never left the family ranch, Lark Mitchell needs a little adventure—or at least a romance that isn’t confined to the internet. Her older brothers Cole and Cade have always been too good at protecting her innocence, but even they can’t stop her from taking a second job—where her boss just so happens to be the kind of bad boy she craves. Too bad he’s also the one guy in Silver Creek she should never touch…

When Quinn Parker introduces himself, Lark tries to quit on the spot. Everyone knows Quinn was behind the accident that ended Cade’s rodeo career. But when he holds her to her contract, she can’t help wanting to get even closer. As she begins to see the man behind the gossip, she sees that not all of the things people say about him are true…even if there’s plenty about this bad boy she has yet to discover.

The Review:

In Untouched, Maisey Yates puts a fresh spin on what I thought was going to be a typical romance plot line and the resulting story is surprisingly unique and unpredictable. This second installment in the Silver Creek series can be read as a standalone, but I liked it so much I’m eager to dive into the previous releases as soon as possible.

Deciding it is time to spread her wings just a bit and take a step out into the real world, computer geek Lark Mitchell eagerly accepts a job at a nearby ranch. Unbeknownst to her, Lark’s new employer is none other than Quinn Parker, the man her brother Cade accused of causing the accident that ended his rodeo career. Quinn has a well-deserved reputation as a bad boy but deliberately hurting a competitor on the rodeo circuit is not a line he would ever cross. Permanently barred from the competing on the circuit, Quinn is planning on using Lark to pressure Cade into recanting his accusation and regaining his career. But will Lark convince this embittered cowboy to abandon his quest for revenge?

Lark is such a refreshing heroine. She may have grown up on a ranch, but she is not a cowgirl. Instead she a computer nerd who spends her days closeted in her bedroom running a successful tech support business and playing on line games. Her dating experience is woefully lacking and the man she had a crush on has just married another woman. So she is not only eager to experience a taste of life off the family ranch, but Lark is also craving the chance to indulge in a casual fling as well. She is dismayed then horrified by her attraction to Quinn and although she fights giving in to her passion, they are soon indulging their mutual desire. When obstacles are thrown in their path, Lark always keeps an open mind where Quinn is concerned. While she does not accept his excuses for his mistakes, she is willing to give him a fair chance to prove he is the man she knows he can be.

Quinn is such a mess that at first, it is difficult to see the good in him. He has let his past define him for most of his life and he clings to his belief that without the rodeo, he will revert back to old self-destructive habits. He realizes pretty quickly that he has made a big mistake involving Lark in his plans for revenge, but he honestly does not think he has any choice but to go forward with them. He can be hard and unforgiving, but he can also be super sweet and considerate. Although it seems hard to believe, there really is a good guy lurking behind Quinn’s bad boy exterior.

While at first it seems an unlikely pairing, Quinn and Lark are very well matched. Lark is different from the women he usually encounters and their budding relationship reflects this. Quinn’s experience is a wonderful contrast to Lark’s innocence and they end up bringing out the best in one another. Lark calls him on his bad behavior and he wants to be a better person for her. It was such a delight watching them figure out how to make a relationship work for them despite the obstacles in their path.

The sexual tension between Lark and Quinn is positively sizzling and their sex scenes are a wonderful mix of naughty sex and sweet lovemaking. The dialogue is crisp and the witty banter and snappy comebacks kept me giggling for most of the story. The only negatives in the story are the repetitive references to Quinn’s past and at times, he is dangerously close to stepping over the line in his search for revenge. Although the novel begins with deception on Quinn’s part, once his plan is revealed, he is surprisingly candid about his intentions.

Multi-faceted characters, an unpredictable storyline and a strong sense of family make Untouched a truly unforgettable romance. The Silver Creek series definitely stands from others in the romance genre and Maisey Yates skillfully offers tantalizing glimpses of Cade that will leave readers eager for the next installment.

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