Review: Texas Fandango by Cynthia D’Alba

fandangoTitle: Texas Fandango by Cynthia D’Alba
Texas Montgomery Mavericks Book Three
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novella/106 pages
Book Rating: B

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Two weeks on a beach can deepen more than just their tans.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 3

KC Montgomery was eleven when she met the love of her life. Of course, seventeen-year-old Drake Gentry didn’t know she existed, but that didn’t stop her girlish fantasies from growing and changing over the years.

Now, after enjoying a front-row seat to his breakup with his latest girlfriend, she’s been handed an all-grown-up fantasy come true—two weeks at the Sand Castle Resort. With him.

Drake most definitely noticed KC a long time ago, but the timing’s never been right. Now that he’s facing a lonely vacation that was supposed to be for two, it seems only natural to accept KC’s offer to fill in. And as far as her terms go… No strings. No expectations. No holds barred. Drake is no fool—he’s all over it.

But once they’re back in Texas there are invisible strings still hanging between them. Strings labeled attraction, affection…even love. And the more they try to untangle the knots, the tighter they’re bound together.

Product Warnings: Beware of sunburns, whirlpool sex and sand in delicate places.

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The Review:

Cynthia D’Alba’s newest release, Texas Fandango is the perfect escape from the cold wintry weather. The beach setting is particularly welcoming this time of year, but it is the delectably steamy sex scenes between KC Montgomery and Drake Gentry that are guaranteed to make your temperature rise.

There is a long and sometimes complicated past between KC and Drake. Drake is not only one of her cousin’s best friends but he is also her cousin Olivia’s ex-husband. Now that Olivia is happily reunited with the love of her life, she is eager to see Drake find happiness as well. When Drake’s latest relationship ends, KC is quick to seize the opportunity to enjoy a commitment free fling with him but she is secretly hoping this might be the chance for them to form a lasting relationship.

There is definitely chemistry between KC and Drake and even though their past is rather convoluted, I did not have any problem with the two of them as a couple. I liked that KC was able to speak up and convince Drake that she is serious about going with him to resort despite her fear of rejection. Drake has a few initial reservations about accepting her offer, but after taking the time to consider their history, he jumps at the chance to explore his attraction to her.

For the most part, Texas Fandango is fun, flirty and super sexy. The conflict between KC and Drake is self-imposed but they resolve their issues with very little angst. The ending is sweetly romantic and I enjoyed watching KC and Drake find their happily ever after.

Even though Texas Fandango is the third installment in Cynthia D’Alba’s Texas Montgomery Mavericks series, it can be read as a standalone. However, the tantalizing and intriguing glimpses of the other relationships will leave you eager to read the previous books in this marvelous series.


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  1. cec

    Thanks for the review,Kathy and for introducing me to Ms D’Alba’s books a year or two ago!!
    I look forward to reading Texas Fandango:-)

  2. Timitra

    Looks good…Thanks Kathy.