Review: A Match Made in Texas by Katie Lane

matchTitle: A Match Made in Texas by Katie Lane
Deep in the Heart of Texas Series Book Six
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Imprint: Forever
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

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A Match Made in Texas is the sixth book in Katie Lane’s bestselling, witty and sexy Deep in the Heart of Texas series.

Living with four over-protective brothers is enough to make a good girl go bad. But the day Brianne Cates hits the road for a taste of freedom, she gets more trouble than she bargained for when she’s arrested by a sexy sheriff in mirrored shades. Now doing a stint of community service, she’s not going to let a cowboy cop like Dusty Hicks mess with her newfound independence-even if he awakens every wicked fantasy she’s ever had.

In Bramble, Texas, Dusty is the law. That means no leniency for the gorgeous rebel whose highway antics almost got them both killed. The divorced lawman doesn’t need another rich, pampered princess, even if Brianne has the lushest body and sweetest smile in the whole darn state. But even as Brianne proves that she lives to walk on the wild side, Dusty begins to wonder if maybe he has what it takes to tame her….

The Review:

A Match Made in Texas is another humorous installment in Katie Lane’s zany and romantic Deep in the Heart of Texas series. In this latest outing, Brianne Cates’ brothers exile her to Bramble to keep a brewing scandal at bay. But little do they realize their sweet, demure sister is, in actuality, a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie who thrives on adventure. So when an irritating driver gets on Brianne’s last nerve, she winds up in an exciting high speed(ish) chase with local sheriff Dusty Hicks. One impetuous and ill thought out decision later and Brianne is unceremoniously hauled off to jail by the irate sheriff. But things really heat up between this ill-matched but passionate couple when Brianne’s community service puts them in very close proximity.

Family expectations clash with Brianne’s adventurous nature and she has been living a secret life in order to keep the peace. When her slimy ex posts pictures of her on the web, Brianne’s brothers are in damage control mode and she goes along with their plan in an effort to keep the rest of her activities under wraps. Brianne is also hoping getting out from under her family’s watchful eyes will give her the space she needs to figure out what she wants to do with her life. What she wants is not necessarily what is expected of her and her time in Bramble provides her with the opportunity to stretch her wings. Will Brianne follow her heart or will she continue to be let her family’s opinions guide her decisions?

Dusty’s marriage to a wealthy socialite ended in a nasty divorce and bitter custody battle, so he has zero patience for Brianne’s antics. But Brianne is full of unexpected surprises and he soon realizes that he has misjudged her. Dusty is taken off guard by his attraction to her and after they impulsively give in to their passion, they are inseparable. But once Dusty realizes that Brianne has been keeping something from him, will he give up on their budding romance?

Dusty and Brianne are passionate, vibrant characters with strong personalities and they both bring some emotional baggage into their relationship. Brianne has a little growing up to do and she also becomes conscious of the fact that some of Dusty’s preconceived ideas about her have some truth to them. Dusty might be divorced but he still has to contend with his ex as he fights for more time with his young daughter. Dusty and Brianne’s relationship is tenuous and it is surprisingly easy for them both to walk away at the first sign of trouble.

As with the other books in the Deep in the Heart of Texas series, Miss Hattie’s Henhouse and its eclectic residents play small, but crucial roles in the unfolding story. While most of Dusty and Brianne’s relationship takes place in Bramble, Minnie’s matchmaking helps bring them together initially. There are also a few brief guest appearances by brothers Brant, Beau and Billy, but the glimpses of youngest brother Beckett are the most intriguing.

A Match Made in Texas is a wildly sexy romance with a beautiful love story but it is also a tremendous journey of self-discovery for both Dusty and Brianne. The love scenes between Dusty and Brianne are deliciously naughty, their dialogue is delightfully witty and there are also a few poignant moments between them as well. The cast of characters is a bit quirky but lovable. The storyline is fast-paced and appealing with a secondary story arc that stirs up a bit of trouble for the residents of Bramble. A fun-filled and heartwarming stop in Katie Lane’s Deep in the Heart of Texas series that old and new fans definitely do not want to miss.

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  1. Timitra

    I like the sound of this book…Thanks for the review Kathy.

  2. Janice Hougland

    I’m sure glad, Katie, that you are a writer now instead of a teacher or hair dresser! Now I have the benefit of your stories. Thanks for your tour and all the posts.