Blog Tour Stop & Contest: Covert Affair by Geraldine O’Hara

covertTitle: Covert Affair by Geraldine O’Hara
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Thriller/Suspense
Length: Novel


Going away on a secret holiday with the love of your life should be fun…

Mandy and Leon have plans to go on a week away to Blackpool for uninterrupted time together and lots of hot sex. But before they even manage to leave, things start going wrong. A man accosts Mandy in the pub, then that same man is seen robbing a bank. It’s time to leave the city…

Getting away from crime and their secrets isn’t quite that simple, though. What should have been fun turns into a nightmare. Mandy and Leon bump into the same man again…and again. All Mandy wants to do is enjoy a game of ‘What’s her Secret?’ with Leon and have a great time in the sack, but fate is playing one of her silly games…

With tension mounting as things start going wrong, Mandy wonders whether her happily ever after will happen now. Thrown into turmoil and fear by the gang, she has to search inside herself in order to find even a nugget of the person she used to be. Who is Mandy now? And is she someone Leon wants to be with?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play and mild BDSM.

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“So, you need to finish your ‘What’s her Secret?’ story,” I said. “How will it end for them?”

“She’s so in love with that man she’ll leave her husband. She might not even go back home after this weekend. She has no children so there isn’t any need, and she has the kind of job she could transfer easily.” He shrugged. “There you go, happily ever after. That do you?”

“That wasn’t a bad start. You could get very good at this game.”

“I take it you play it often?”

“We used to. Lately, not at all. Seeing as I’ll be spending more time with you now instead of Jen, you’ll need to prepare yourself for indulging me.”

He groaned. “I’ll do anything for you.”

I giggled and spotted our hotel ahead. I glanced around us, checking to see if we’d been followed. We hadn’t as far as I could tell.

A glittering sign for a casino grabbed my attention and all thoughts of Cauli loitering or us getting drunk on a pub crawl went out of my head.

“Shall we go there?” I said, pointing.

“Bloody hell, do you think I’m made of money?” he joked.

“No, but we could play the slots. That won’t cost much if we stretch it out over a couple of hours. And we could play ‘What’s her Secret?’ except we’re the couple with a made-up life. We can pretend we’re rich, that casinos are something we visit all the time. I brought a nice dress with me, and you’ve got your suit. Come on, what d’you say? Shall we become Mr and Mrs Ponsonby or whatever? Be someone else for the rest of the night?”

“What is it with you and your identities? As if Pussy Pwoar wasn’t enough, you’re dragging me into being another person with you.”

“Aww, come on. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

“Fuck it, go on then.”

I squealed like a silly girl and tugged him into our hotel. The warmth hit me and began defrosting my face. A crowd stood in front of the elevators—men in suits—and we stood behind them. The doors of one opened, the men got in and, while we waited for the second lift, I thought about how to style my hair in order to make me appear rich and classy. I would be a lady of leisure, while Leon would be a banker or a lawyer, keeping me in the lifestyle I’d had all my days, one of luxury and free of worries.

Yes, I could get into that role. I’d have a jolly good time while I was in it too.

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