Review: Cutting Out by Mickie B. Ashling

cutting outTitle: Cutting Out by Mickie B. Ashling
Cutting Cords Series Book Four
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, M/M, Romance, BDSM
Length: 220 pages
Book Rating: B

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Sequel to Cleave

Hours after stepping off the yacht where they had their mock wedding, real life intrudes, and arguments arise between Sloan Driscoll and Trent Hamilton. Seeking relief at his BDSM club, Trent bumps into an old army buddy who tells him things are different now that DADT has been repealed. Meanwhile, Sloan receives a frantic call from ex-lover, Cole Fujiwara, who tells him that his twins and ex-wife have been kidnapped. Cole asks Sloan for help but makes him promise not to include Trent in the rescue attempt.

Trent considers the opportunity to resume a career cut short, and despite Sloan’s threat to postpone the wedding, he leaves for the Middle East as an independent mercenary while Sloan rushes to aid Cole.

In Tokyo, disturbing revelations draw the former couple together, and old feelings are rekindled. Despite this new understanding, neither man makes a move. Sloan is focused on rescuing Cole’s family without jeopardizing his relationship with Trent, while Cole must prepare himself to survive disappointment if Sloan chooses to segue into married life as a military spouse.

The Review:

Cutting Out is the fourth installment in Mickie B. Ashling’s series featuring Sloan Driscoll, Cole Fujiwara & Trent Hamilton. This entire series has been a rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows for this trio and this outing is no exception.

Sloan and Trent are weeks away from their wedding when their respective pasts threaten their happiness. Trent is about to resume his military career despite Sloan’s objections when Sloan learns that ex-lover and close friend Cole’s ex-wife and twin sons have been kidnapped. While Trent goes off on a mission before re-enlisting, Sloan and Cole must travel to Japan to deliver the ransom to the kidnappers.

Sloan and Cole have so much history between them that it is no surprise that they quickly settle into their old routines. Both characters have grown and matured over the years and their interactions reflect these changes. Sloan is more level-headed and he is better equipped to deal with his insecurities. Cole is more open to Sloan’s suggestions and willing to take his advice. Sloan is surprised when his old feelings for Cole rise to the surface but their relationship remains platonic.

The disintegration of Sloan and Trent’s relationship is similar to the rapid end to Sloan’s relationship with Cole in book two of the series, Vessel. Trent makes a unilateral decision about his career and he expects Sloan to go along with it without any discussion. Trent arrives at what he thinks is the perfect solution for their relationship problems, but will Sloan agree?

Cutting Out is a superb addition to the Cutting Cords series. It is an engaging read that is fast-paced and full of unexpected twists and turns. Once again, Mickie B. Ashling keeps readers guessing how Sloan and Trent will resolve their issues, but I think everyone will be satisfied with the novel’s conclusion.


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