Review: The Producer’s Daughter by Lindsay Marcott

producers daughterTitle: The Producer’s Daughter by Lindsay Marcott
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 290 pages
Book Rating: B

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Hannah Doran is the tabloid’s dream: Hollywood pedigree (wild child of a charming and powerful producer and his cultured wife, who died mysteriously in her prime); best friends with entitled movie stars and celebutantes—and a loud, earth-shattering fall from grace when she was convicted of grand theft after a night of one-percenter excess.

But that’s not real—or at least not what Hannah claims is her real life. Hannah is smart, devoted… and, she maintains, innocent of the felony that landed her in prison.

She’s determined to make something positive of her life. But it’s hard to break from her public image when everyone has a stake in her old role—her beguiling old cellmates, her ruthless father, a female studio exec with much to hide, and a gorgeous, ambitious photographer.

In a town built on image, is success more compelling than the truth—and is true redemption even possible?


The Producer’s Daughter by Lindsay Marcott exposes the seamier side of Hollywood as Hannah Doran investigates the circumstances of her felony shoplifting conviction after she is released on parole.

Years earlier, in an effort to get her famous producer father’s attention, Hannah dropped out of Yale and joined the latest crop of celebrities acting badly. Her public fights with friends, out of control shopping and drunken behavior garnered his notice, but their relationship remained strained. In the present, her release from prison coincides with his plans to re-make the blockbuster hit that made him famous and he has little time for his daughter.  Determined not to fall back into her old habits, Hannah is trying to rebuild her life while at the same time trying to reconnect with her father and find out what really happened on the day of her arrest. Not everyone is happy about her return and when Hannah refuses to stop digging for answers, someone is willing to go to any lengths to stop her before the shocking truth is revealed.

In the beginning, it is difficult to muster up much sympathy for Hannah. Wealthy and privileged, her behavior before her arrest is just the same as any other spoiled celebutante vying for attention. But her time in prison changed her for the better and she is much more grounded in reality upon her release. However, Hannah remains a little too naive and trusting which ultimately puts her in very dangerous situation. She is also very eager to repair her relationship with her father but he continues to put business before family.

While Hannah’s release from prison goes mostly unnoticed, paparazzi photographer Mitch Arpino is hot on her heels. A former photojournalist trying to get his career back on track, he will do just about anything to snap the celebrity photo that is guaranteed to sell for a fortune. While he initially seems a little sleazy and opportunistic, Mitch shows compassion for Hannah’s plight and the two eventually join forces to figure out who is behind the efforts to silence her.

Blackmail. Greed. Corruption. Murder. Scandal. All of the perfect ingredients for an intriguing mystery and in The Producer’s Daughter, Lindsay Marcott masterfully blends them into a riveting read that is impossible to put down. With plenty of unexpected plot twists, surprising alliances and a plethora of shocking secrets, this enthralling whodunit is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.

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