Review: Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen

Title: Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B

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When Felicity steps off the train on the way to meet her husband, she is so sure of everything in her life. Where she is headed, what she will order at the restaurant, the first words her husband will say to her when she arrives, their happy future together.

But then she catches a scent of perfume in the air, and suddenly she is overcome by forgotten emotions-passionate memories of another man she loved many years ago.

As the feelings continue to surface again and again, Felicity begins to question the life she thought she knew so well. She doesn’t doubt that she loves her husband, but does she owe it to herself to explore these overwhelming emotions that have taken hold of her? Or is her mind simply playing tricks on her heart?

How can she know where love truly lies? And when she finds out, will it be too late?

Julie Cohen’s Where Love Lies is a novel that will capture both your heart and mind.


With a unique and engrossing storyline, Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen is a thought-provoking novel that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction.

Just as she is about to celebrate her one year anniversary with her husband, Quinn, Felicity is struggling to complete her long overdue children’s book.  While on her way to meet Quinn for a meal, she smells a fragrance that brings bittersweet thoughts of her mum.  When these odd occurrences continue, the scent is also accompanied by a strong emotional reaction that Felicity realizes are centered around her ex-boyfriend, Ewan, whom she has not seen since their relationship ended ten years earlier.  An unexpected trip brings her face to face with unsettling issues from her past and Felicity is overcome with intense feelings of love for Ewan that she feels she must explore.  Will this decision cause irreparable damage to her relationship with Quinn?

Growing up, Felicity lived a rather nomadic life with her artist mum so adjusting to life in a small country town has been a bit of a challenge.  With little privacy and surrounded by caring but nosy in-laws, she feels a little exposed since everyone seems to know everyone else’s business.  Her relationship with Quinn is comfortable and loving, but Felicity is not the type of person who shares her innermost thoughts.  When she begins experiencing the strange fragrances and odd emotions, she does not tell Quinn what is happening to her, so he is completely stunned when she asks for separation.  Caught between the past and present, Felicity feels guilty about hurting Quinn but she is so caught up in the exhilarating love she feels for Ewan that she cannot stop herself from finding out if this emotional reaction for her ex is real.

Steady and responsible, Quinn has strong ties to his family and he has no desire to leave them or the town where he grew up.  He is head over heels in love with Felicity and he is quite happy with the life they have carved out for themselves.  He is aware that Felicity holds part of herself back from him but after being shut out time and again, Quinn has given up trying to get her to talk to him.  He is completely devoted to her and he will do whatever it takes to make her happy even if it means letting her go.  Hoping their separation is just a temporary setback, he remains committed to their marriage but even the most patient man has his limits.  Once he discovers the truth about Felicity’s reasons the separation, will Quinn continue to wait for her to sort through her problems?

Broken into three distinct parts, Where Love Lies is a riveting novel that takes many unexpected twists and turns.  The storyline is incredibly fascinating and Julie Cohen keeps the underlying cause of Felicity’s strange phenomena and her inexplicable emotional response completely under wraps for much of the story.  By the time the reason becomes clear, Felicity’s life is such a tangled mess that it is impossible to predict how this incredible novel will end. All in all, it is captivating read that is impossible to put down and will linger in readers’ thoughts long after the last page is turned.

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