Guest Posts & PRINT Giveaway: What Would You Do for Love? (Harlequin)

Title: Beauty and the Bodyguard by Lisa Childs
Bachelor Bodyguards Series Book Four
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: 288 pages


Can this bachelor bodyguard save his true love from mortal danger…on her wedding day?

Bride-to-be Megan Lynch has just learned her ex, presumed dead marine Gage Huxton, is alive after surviving enemy captivity. But before she can break up with her fiancé, gunmen storm her wedding and take hostages! Megan will do anything to stay alive—for herself and a second chance with Gage. But there’s more terror to endure before she can say yes to the dress—and her dream groom!

What do the gunmen want? Gage works double time to unravel the mystery and save the beauty who still holds his heart. As the wedding crashers open fire, Gage puts his life on the line to protect Megan and convince her of his love.

Romantic Revenge

Which action-packed movie perfectly pairs with Beauty and Bodyguard?

Die Hard – Hero Gage Huxton would definitely be the John McClane character – willing to do anything to save the woman he loves and from whom he is estranged.

secrets liesTitle: Secrets and Lies by Shirlee McCoy
Rookie K-9 Unit Series Book Five
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance, Suspense
Length: 288 pages



Attacked in her classroom, widowed teacher Ariel Martin’s only thought is for her unborn child. When her student’s brother, rookie K-9 officer Tristan McKeller, and his faithful dog save her life, she can’t thank him enough. She knows Tristan won’t rest until she’s safe, but she doesn’t want him or his police colleagues digging into her dangerous past. After all, the only person who would want to hurt her is dead…or is he? With her and her child’s life on the line, she’ll have to trust Tristan with her secrets if she wants to finally get the fresh start she’s been desperately seeking.

Romantic Revenge

Which action-packed movie perfectly pairs with Secrets and Lies?

The closest I can come on this is SLEEPNG WITH THE ENEMY.

six gunTitle: Six-Gun Showdown by Delores Fossen
Appaloosa Pass Ranch Series Book Five
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: 288 pages


“I’m not dead.”

The voice mail rocks deputy sheriff Jax Crockett to his core. A year ago, Paige was murdered by the Moonlight Strangler. Yet his ex-wife just showed up at his ranch—out of options and out of time. There are only two reasons Paige would come back to Texas with a killer hot on her heels: Jax and their toddler son. Faking her death was the only way to keep them alive. But now it’s Jax who’s risking everything to protect his family. The cowboy lawman is also reawakening a powder keg of desire. A desire that’s primed and ready to explode. Giving in will up the ante, igniting the embers of a love they may not live to claim.

Romantic Revenge

Which action-packed movie perfectly pairs with Six-Gun Showdown?

This is going to sound like a strange pick, but I’m choosing Jurassic World. It’s the perfect action romance. The hero and heroine team up to save two children, and even though they’re vastly different people, the h/h end up falling for each other.


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