Saturday Series Spotlight & Giveaway: Terri Dulong’s Ormond Beach

patternsTitle: Patterns of Change by Terri DuLong
Ormond Beach Series Book One
Release Date: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 304 pages


Chloe Radcliffe is planning to relocate with Gabe to Ormond Beach on the east coast of Florida. They plan to raise alpacas and open a yarn shop. But unforeseen circumstances prevent this from happening and Chloe finds herself alone. She begins having dreams involving a beautiful Victorian house and a fishpond.

Unsure whether to remain in Cedar Key or move forward on her own, Chloe’s life is in a state of limbo.

After much thought and encouragement from her sister, Grace, she decides to visit Ormond Beach and rent a condo there for one month. On a visit to the local tea shop, which also hosts a knitting group, Chloe meets Mavis Anne Overby and her niece, Yarrow, owner of the tea shop. On a drive around town, Chloe is astonished to find the exact house and fishpond from her dreams—and even more astonished to discover that Mavis Anne is the owner of the house. Koi House was Mavis Anne’s childhood home, complete with fishpond in the garden and a stone cottage that served as a child’s playhouse. An instant friendship develops between the three women and Chloe accepts Mavis Anne’s offer to rent Koi House for one year. After moving in, she begins to have dreams involving a beautiful woman in a red evening gown. And when Yarrow loses the lease on her tea shop, the three women make plans to convert the stone cottage into Dreamweaver Yarn Shop and Nirvana Tea and Coffee.

Embracing the warm welcome from her new friends and taking pride in becoming part of the business community, Chloe’s life is turned upside down when a traumatic incident from her past resurfaces. At first reluctant to face what she felt had been resolved, with the help of her dreams, Mavis Anne and others, Chloe comes to understand that forgiveness is what will give her a complete sense of self and enable her to find that one great love of her life.

stitches-in-timeTitle: Stitches in Time by Terri Dulong
Ormond Beach Series Book Two
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 250 pages


New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong spins a new skein of love, loss, and new beginnings in sunny Ormond Beach, Florida, where even the most painful past can become the most hopeful future…

Isabelle Wainwright is no stranger to heartache. She was just fifteen when her mother left her to be raised by her father so she could start a new life across the country. Rather than crumbling in despair, Isabelle eventually stitched together her own path, graduating from college and starting a family in Atlanta. But her hard-won fairytale ending is beginning to unravel…

The shock of her father’s sudden death is compounded when Isabelle’s husband leaves her and her daughter for someone else. Reeling from being abandoned yet again, she finds comfort in Chloe Radcliffe, her father’s girlfriend, who encourages her to move to Ormond Beach, Florida, and help her run her yarn shop. There, Isabelle may find the strength to confront her past, build new friendships, and perhaps even learn to love in a way she never thought possible…

Includes An Original Knitting Pattern!

unraveling-piecesTitle: Unraveling the Pieces by Terri Dulong
Ormond Beach Series Book Three
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 226 pages


New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong casts on her newest tale of heartbreak and hope in Ormond Beach, Florida, a sun-dappled haven where one woman finds the comfort she’s always needed…

Petra Garfield has no real attachments tying her down to one place. She’s ready for an adventure, so what could be better than an extended stay at Koi House with new friends and old in enchanting Ormond Beach. Having recently lost her mother, Petra is riddled with questions about the father she never knew. She certainly never thought she’d begin to find the answers in a tiny town in Florida…

As much as she wants to search for the truth, Petra knows she can’t spend all her time wallowing in the past, and her friends at the Dreamweaver yarn shop aren’t about to let her. The ladies encourage her to volunteer at a local animal shelter, where she hits it off with a young boy—and his handsome father. Tangled in secrets she didn’t even know she had, Petra must learn to stitch her life back together even as she unravels lifelong mysteries—and perhaps she’ll find unexpected happiness along the way…


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  1. Maria S

    This series sounds great.

    Thanks so much!

  2. H.B.

    Sounds like a good series and I love the simplicity of the covers.
    Thank you for spotlighting the series =)