Review: Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham

Title: Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Erotic, Romance
Length: 69 pages/Word Count: 24,111
Book Rating: B+

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Everyone deserves a second chance. Or do they? Sean and Martim fell in love at Harvard. Things broke apart when Martim fell into a downward spiral of addiction after his father died. Sean kicked him out but has regretted it ever since. He’s never gotten over losing Martim. But then, not many aspects of his life have lived up to his collegiate dreams.

When he’s sent to evaluate Martim’s family hotel for foreclosure, Sean is once again in the position to put Martim out on the street. In the time since they parted, Martim has pulled himself together, although both health and financial problems linger as a result of his years as an addict. Can the two men bridge the gap of distance and time to rekindle their relationship, or will they fall apart again under the burdens of guilt and disease?

Set in Lisbon, Portugal, this is the story of lovers reunited after more than a decade apart, and their second chance at romance.


Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham is a beautifully written second chance at love romance.

Sean Williams has never quite recovered from losing Martim Sabido. Ten years after their romance came to a regrettable end, he has a successful career but no one to share his life with. When his job brings him face to face with Martim, he quickly realizes that he has never quite gotten over him and Sean dreads the task his boss has given him: begin foreclosure proceedings on Martim’s family business. Over the next days, the men reconnect and begin the process of healing the wounds from their long ago past, but can Sean destroy the business that means so much to Martim and his beloved aunt?

The timing could not be more perfect for Sean and Martim to meet again.  Martim has finally conquered his addictions and he has no problem expressing his regret for the sorrow and pain that he brought to Sean. Sean has just realized that he is still trying to atone for what he did to Martim all those years ago. Deciding to temporarily ignore the looming foreclosure, Sean and Martim’s first attempt to connect on a more personal level is fraught with tension.  However, their lingering feelings and intense attraction give them the impetus they need to try to heal the rift between them.  Will Martim’s final revelation destroy the progress they have made in repairing their fractured relationship? And will Sean follow through with his boss’s instructions to foreclose on Martim’s property?

Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham is a heartwarming romance than fans of the genre do not want to miss.  The characters are endearing with true to life flaws and imperfections.  Sean and Martim’s reunion is free from angst and their attempts to resolve their issues are realistically portrayed.  A sweet yet sensual second chance at love romance that is fast-paced and engaging with an absolutely heartfelt conclusion that will melt readers’ hearts.

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