February Reading Challenge Discussion

February’s reading challenge to read a book purchased in 2017 was a success for me!

The first book I read is an English police procedural by M.J. Arlidge. The D.I. Helen Grace series is absolutely outstanding and Love Me Not is just as good as the previous books. Like many of the novels in the series, Helen Grace is still struggling to put her past behind her as she works to solve her most recent case. The novel jumps right into the action and with short chapters that end on cliffhangers, the story moves at a furious pace. Helen and her team are attempting to identify and arrest a pair of killers who have planned out a series of murders that appear to have no rhyme or reason. It does not take Helen and the rest of the team to identify the perpetrators but they are so many steps ahead, Grace is in a race against time to stop them from striking again. I highly recommend this series!

The next book I selected is Permanent Ink by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn which is a May/December gay romance. I kept putting off reading it because of the age gap, but oddly enough, that turned to be a non-issue for me. I really liked the couple, but the youngest man, Poe Montgomery, is a bit of an immature brat. Thankfully Jericho McAslan quickly sets him to rights and the novel settles into an enjoyable romance. Well, with one exception. While the age gap was not a problem for me, I have to confess the I am NOT a fan of daddy kink. So that was somewhat icky (shudder) but thankfully, it was easy to skim past THOSE scenes. Their romance was delightful and I’m looking forward to the next book in the Art & Soul series.

Now it’s your turn! Did you complete your challenge? Did you like the book you chose?


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  1. Suze

    I read Cemeteries by Moonlight by Hunter Frost, one of my earlier 2017 purchases not yet read.
    I found this a slow and easy read, just like you might imagine New Orleans to be! I enjoyed it – it was interesting to learn about NO, there was a murder and the paranormal are they/aren’t they.