Friday Feature & Giveaway: According to Audrey by Happy LaShelle

Title:According to Audrey by Happy LaShelle
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance
Length: 300 pages


What would Audrey do?

Cautious and introverted, seventeen-year-old Dove spends most of her free time pursuing her one true passion: painting. The twinkling lights of Balboa Island, the ferryboat to the peninsula, the fire pits on Big Corona Beach…these have long been the subjects of her canvases as she daydreams about finding an Audrey Hepburn-film kind of romance.

A hotshot jock is exactly not the type of guy she’s been looking for—but when Leo Donovan drops his cool act to show his vulnerable side, Dove begins to question everything. But first she’ll have to navigate her way through claim-staking mean girls and disapproving parents—and still keep her focus on attending the art school of her dreams.

Being in love turns out to be more complex than the average silver-screen classic. Can Dove follow her heart (and Audrey’s cues) to create her own perfect Hollywood ending?

Fans of Audrey Hepburn and the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s will love this fun coming of age story.

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Several people were climbing over the large rock formations separating the little bay cove on the far side from the ocean waves. I followed along behind Jessie, both of us carefully choosing our footing on the jagged, sandy rocks.

Considering the idea of giving Leo a chance made my stomach flutter, forcing me to face the fact that I definitely still found him more than intriguing. But I couldn’t just blindly trust him, could I?

One foot slid on a rock and I caught myself. Black ballet flats probably weren’t the best idea right now, even if they were the best Audrey shoes ever. I slipped them off and continued barefoot up the sandy trail. Audrey. She would’ve known exactly what to do in this situation. And even if she hadn’t, she’d have probably just figured something out right on the spot—some kind of plan.

I stopped at the top of a boulder to catch my breath. That was it… I needed a plan. Staring out across the jetty, I breathed deeply, watching as three seagulls flapped their wings into the darkening sky. I decided almost instantly. Three things. I would simply watch him carefully, and if he somehow showed himself to be a nice, decent guy at least three times, I would consider the idea of showing my interest. On the other hand, if any of that past jerkishness reared its ugly head, then I’d walk away and forget about him forever. I clenched my jaw and started to negotiate my way over the rocks again. It wasn’t the best plan in the world, but it was something to go on at least.

Reaching the opposite side, I hopped down onto the sand, my flats still in hand. It had been years since I’d been to Pirates Cove. Shallow caves peeked out of the rocks on that side of the jetty. In the distance, small circles of orange bonfires already glowed in the sand.

I watched as Jessie ran ahead toward a cluster of kids. Kai and Clive were chatting with another couple. Beside them, a bunch of kids made up a large circle. I spotted Isaiah. And there was Leo. My stomach did a flip. He was wearing jeans and a red Angels baseball jersey that clung to his chest in the breeze

Author Bio

Happy LaShelle is a writer, mom of three, and wife to a Basque baker who brings home loaves of crusty sourdough every day. She lives near the mission bells in sunny Santa Barbara, but loves the cold, rainy banks of London’s Thames River just as much as the sandy shores of her Newport Beach hometown. She studied History at UCLA and enjoys taking pictures of old stuff. Because everything has a story.

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