May Reading Challenge Discussion

May’s Reading Challenge was to a book by an author that you have given up on or have not read in a long time because you did not enjoy the last novel you read by them.

I read Amy Lane’s Bonfires first and I have to confess… I LOVED it. I think part of what I enjoyed so much is the fact the Larx and Aaron George are older and settled into their lives and careers. They also have kids of their own and their interactions are a delight! Larx is wound a little tight whereas Aaron is more laidback. Both are wary of beginning a relationship and their reasons make sense (in a sad kind of way). There are no big dramas or contrived conflicts but they do face a few obstacles as they navigate their way to a permanent relationship.

I am so glad I gave Ms. Lane another chance and I am very much looking forward to reading the next book featuring Larx and Aaron, Crocus.

For my next selection, I read Dirty by Kylie Scott and while I liked it, I didn’t LOVE it. The set up for the romance between Lydia and Vaughan is cute but the novel is rather superficial with a dreaded insta-love element. Lydia is outspoken and stands up for herself which is a plus. Vaughan plays the broody rocker quite well and I did like him.

I think the biggest drawback for me is the fact that their relationship plays out over a short week. There is plenty of chemistry between them and the sex scenes are hot, but I just wasn’t feeling how quickly they fell in love. Even Mal’s (from the Stage Dive) guest appearance fell flat and I positively adore his character!

So despite not completely loving this first installment in the Dive Bar series, I enjoyed the secondary characters enough that I am looking forward to reading their books.

Now it’s your turn to dish on whether or not you liked the book you selected for May’s challenge.


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  1. Suze

    Hi, glad you liked Bonfires, it was good! Pity Crocus isn’t set by water!!

    In May I read Fire triangle by Iyana Jenna
    A fine read but fairly short and one I felt would have benefitted from being longer to flesh out areas I felt skipped a bit.
    I liked the plot idea – serial murderer by arson, the history of who and why, the how and the of the investigators.
    I found the writing style at times was a bit one dimensional. But at others it you pulled right in.
    Overall I liked it, could have loved it with a few issues ironed out