August Reading Challenge Discussion

August’s Reading Challenge was to read a book set in a western or rural setting.

My first selection is Second Chance Cowboy by A.J. Pine which I selected since it didn’t appear to be the typical “cowboy” romance. In that respect, I was dead accurate since lead character Jack Everett left the family ranch ten years earlier and is now a lawyer. His return is prompted by the death of his alcoholic, abusive father and his plan to quickly return to his regular life is quickly complicated by his father’s will, his ex-girlfriend Ava Ellis’s shocking secret, and the realization that his brothers Luke and Walker are dealing with their emotional recovery from the childhood.

I wanted to love this well-written second chance at love novel but the storyline has many annoying elements, the romance was the dreaded insta-love and I struggled to like Jack and Ava. There is an incredible amount of angst, an overabundance of tears, misplaced resentment and an overly protective (and irritating) parent. I also hate it when a character makes a decision that is supposedly to protect the other person but in reality takes away their right to make their own choices.

That said, there were positives to the novel. The brothers’ Aunt Jenna is caring and compassionate. Young Owen is a refreshing breath of fresh air and his enthusiasm is an absolute delight. Watching Jack work through his emotional baggage is incredibly satisfying. Ava might be a bit annoying but she did finally stand up for herself. Luke and Walker are interesting characters and I am looking forward to their stories especially since I am pleasantly surprised by Luke’s love interest in the next installment in the Crossroads Ranch series.

PS-I LOVED the second book in the series, Tough Luck Cowboy!

Since I absolutely love novels set in Australia, I settled on Ariel Tachna’s Inherit the Sky for my next selection. I am so GLAD I chose this book because Macklin Armstrong is a wonderfully drawn character. He is gruff, taciturn and perfectly embodies the strong, silent type. He is exactly what Caine Neiheisel needs as he steps WAY out of his comfort zone and begins a new life on his uncle’s sheep station.

Macklin is deeply closeted and he has never been in a relationship. He is extremely wary of letting anyone know he is gay and at first, Caine is patient and understanding. However, while Caine does not advertise his sexuality, he has no intention of being Macklin’s dirty little secret. I love how they worked through their worked through differences and figured out how to comfortably navigate the issues they encountered on their way to happily ever after. Plus I really enjoyed learning the more technical of raising sheep. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the novels in the Lang Downs series.


Now, it’s your turn to talk about the book you selected for August’s challenge. Hopefully you enjoyed it!


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  1. Suze

    Another good story about my favourite paranormal duo, Lee and Gideon Tyack-Frayne.
    Gently intertwining stories about a decades old body and their daughter Tamsyn’s increasing psychic abilities. An element of potential future disquiet is introduced as children’s powers look to be exploited so Tamsyn’s future could be a worry.
    The last hours of the man in the field are shown through Lee – though the end of that is disquieting.
    Tingly spidey senses in overdrive at the end. Definitely another book to come.
    Enjoyed a lot