Review: Lies by T.M. Logan

Title: Lies by T.M. Logan
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 432 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Six days ago, Joe Lynch was a happily married man, a devoted father, and a respected teacher living in a well-to-do London suburb. But that was before he spotted his wife’s car entering a hotel parking garage. Before he saw her in a heated argument with her best friend’s husband. Before Joe confronted the other man in an altercation where he left him for dead, bleeding and unconscious.

Now, Joe’s life is unraveling. His wife has lied to him. Her deception has put their entire family in jeopardy. The man she met at the hotel has vanished. And as the police investigate his disappearance, suspicion falls on Joe.

Unable to trust the woman he loves, Joe finds himself at the mercy of her revelations and deceits, unsure of who or what to believe. All he knows is that her actions have brought someone dangerous into their lives—someone obsessed with her and determined to tear Joe’s world apart.

What if your whole life was based on LIES?


Lies by T.M. Logan is a spellbinding, twist-filled domestic mystery.

Joe Lynch and his son William are driving home when Wills spot his mum’s car and begs his dad to stop and see her. Joe’s decision to acquiesce to his son’s innocent request has unexpected consequences when he notices his wife, Mel, appears to be arguing with family friend, Ben Delaney. Mel speeds off without noticing Joe, but Joe confronts Ben in the parking garage. A physical altercation ensues but William has an asthma attack and Joe takes him home to retrieve his inhaler. Concerned about Ben, father and son return to the garage only to discover he is gone and so is his vehicle. Curious about the argument, Joe is stunned when Mel lies about seeing Ben.  The situation takes a dire turn when Ben’s wife Beth reports him missing and it appears Joe is the last person to have seen him before his disappearance.  The police soon believe Ben is the victim of foul play and Joe is the prime subject of their investigation. He is certain Ben is alive and trying to frame him for his “murder” but will ehe find the missing man before Joe is charged for his murder?

Joe’s life quickly unravels in the aftermath of the events in the garage and he quickly has reason to distrust Mel’s honesty. He is also growing more convinced Ben is alive but trying to prove it to the police is virtually impossible. Imploring Beth to help him on his quest, Joe looks to Ben’s past to try to locate him. The evidence is soon piling up against him once investigators take a deeper look into cell phone data and social media such as Facebook. Desperate, Joe makes one last effort to find definitive proof Ben is, in fact, alive but will he succeed?

With a unique and clever storyline, Lies is a tautly-plotted mystery that is fast-paced and quite compelling.  Joe is a bit naive in the aftermath of shocking revelations and he is sometimes frustratingly stubborn as tries to locate Ben.  T.M. Logan builds the tension to a fever pitch as the novel hurtles toward the jaw-dropping conclusion that will completely catch readers off guard.  Fans of the genre are sure to enjoy this twisty-turny game of cat and mouse.


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  1. Suze

    Sounds like another one for the wish list!