Review: Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery

Title: Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery
Happily Inc Series Book Three
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Susan Mallery welcomes you to Happily Inc, where true love isn’t just for fairy tales…

Natalie Kaleta will do anything for the artists at her gallery, including risk life, limb and the effect of humidity on her naturally curly hair. Braving a downpour to check on reclusive Ronan Mitchell, Natalie gets stranded by a mudslide at his mountain home, where the brooding glass artist reveals his playful side, sending her inconvenient crush from under-the-radar to over-the-top.

After a secret tore apart his family and made him question his sense of self, Ronan fled his hometown for Happily Inc, but the sunny small town can’t fix his damaged heart. He won’t give in to his attraction for beautiful, perpetually cheerful Natalie. She’s untouched by darkness—or so he thinks.

Natalie knows that when a heart goes through the flame, it comes out stronger. Life may not be a fairy tale, but sometimes dreams do come true. Why not this one? Why not tonight?


Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery is an adorably charming contemporary romance. This newest release is the third installment in the winsome Happily Inc series but it can be read as a standalone.

Natalie Kaleta is an extremely upbeat, cheery and feisty young woman. She has endured her fair share of heartache yet she never lets her losses drag her down. While Natalie works part-time in an art gallery, she is also creating unique mixed media art that is selling quite well.  Despite her optimistic outlook and contentment with her life, she craves a family of her own. With an abysmal track record when it comes to men, Natalie is carefully weighing her options for both her personal and professional lives.

Ronan Mitchell is a moody yet incredibly gifted and  very successful artist.  He, along with his two brothers, Nick and Mathias, share a work space at the gallery where Natalie works. The three men have each wrestled with the lingering effects of their dysfunctional childhood but Ronan has yet to make peace with his past. A stunning revelation completely upended his world and instead of confronting these issues, he pulls away.  Ronan has chosen to isolate himself from his family as he holes up in his secluded mansion and avoids facing his problems.

When Natalie goes to check on Ronan when no one has heard from him in a while, she becomes stranded with him at his home due to a severe storm.  Both are surprised by how much they enjoy one another’s company and an unexpected attraction lies under the surface as they get to know each other better. Natalie has always admired his artwork and she is delighted to discover the more playful facets of his personality. Ronan is quite taken with Natalie and her cheerful and optimistic attitude lifts his spirits immensely. After they go back to their regular lives, Ronan leaves his self-imposed exile, his creativity returns and his relationship with his brothers improves.  Natalie and Ronan then embark on a no strings romance that is light-hearted and quite steamy.  However, Ronan has yet to face his demons and when he reverts back to his typical behavior, their future together hangs in the balance.

Why Not Tonight is a captivating romance that is heartfelt and engaging. Natalie is a lovable character who is no pushover and has no problem speaking her mind. Ronan’s inability to forgive and appreciate what he has is frustrating but his many positive traits offset his flaws. The conflict that arises is a bit predictable but the quick and realistic resolution will delight readers. This latest addition to Susan Mallery’s Happily Inc series is an emotionally satisfying and uplifting novel that old and new fans are going to love.

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