October Reading Challenge Discussion

October’s reading challenge was to read a book with an urban setting.

My first selection is Persons Unknown, the second installment in Susie Steiner’s DS Manon series. In this outing, Manon’s life has been pretty much turned upside down since she has adopted Fly, who is struggling with their move from London. Manon is also pregnant and she is sharing a house with her sister, Ellie, and her toddler, Sollie.

Currently working cold cases, Manon is dismayed to discover she is out of the loop on her co-worker’s current murder investigation. And since the victim has ties to her family, everyone is under strict orders to not tell her anything. Manon is fiercely protective of her loved ones, so she plots and schemes different ways to get information. When the case takes a shocking turn, Manon begins working the case on her own. Just like the first book in the series, Susie Steiner brings the novel to a very stunning but brilliant conclusion.

I am definitely looking forward to the next mystery in this fantastic series.

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My second selection is The Blueprint by S.E. Harmon which is a friends to lover romance. Kelly Cannon and Britton “Blue” Montgomery are childhood friends whose adult lives could not be more different. Kelly is an out and proud college professor and Blue is an NFL player who cherishes their longstanding friendship.

Kelly has been in love with Blue for most of their friendship despite knowing that Blue is straight. In order to try to move past his feelings, Kelly has pulled back from spending much time with Blue. Following Kelly’s recent break-up, Blue decides he needs to be there for his friend whether Kelly wants it or not. Cue Kelly’s frustration since he is still in love with Blue.

Blue eats, breaths and sleeps football and unlike the most of his teammates, he does not indiscriminately sleep with the groupies that surround him. As an aging player, he knows his career has a shelf-life but he is intensely focused on staying on top of his game. Blue needs to be there for Kelly after his recent split and during their enforced time together, he gradually becomes aware that he has unexpected, um, sexual feelings for his friend. Which of course sets the stage for a push/pull between them that frustrates Kelly (and readers) as Blue tries to comes to terms with his evolving sexuality.

I cannot wait to read A Deepr Blue, the second book in the Rules of Possession to see what comes next for Kelly and Blue.

Click HERE to read the summary.

Now, it’s your turn to talk about the book you selected for October’s challenge. Hopefully you enjoyed it!


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2 Responses to October Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. Suze

    I read Changing Colors by Elyse Springer for the October challenge. I found the writing style easy to read and the story sped along. I did like though would have liked some pov from Gee – I wanted to get inside his head, especially his thoughts on Tony.
    Up to 40%ish I was OK with Tony trying, failing and trying again to break free of conditioning. And whilst I could understand him wanting to compartmentalise his life (especially with father) I was angry that he did that to Gee after all they’d already gone through.
    As is the way, he does see the reality and does good, so overall I enjoyed the final of this series.

    And I’m definitely getting the DS Manon books now!

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      I have this series-I really need to read it!

      I hope you enjoy the DS Manon series as much as I have. The endings also come as such as a surprise to me!