Friday Feature, Excerpt & Giveaway: Ties That Bind by Alex Whitehall

Thank you for joining me on my blog tour for Ties That Bind, the story of three men searching for a way to keep one of them alive. Now out at all major retailers!

In Ties That Bind, Chel had convinced his partner Mathias to go to the doctor because he wasn’t feeling well, and then they went out to lunch with their third, Tomlin. Here’s an excerpt:

Chel tried not to fret when Mathias was quieter than normal. After all, he ate a hearty meal and smiled along at their antics. He was simply tired. Worrying would do no good.

When the bill came, Tomlin scurried off to the bathroom, and Chel took care of paying it with their joint credit card. Mathias rubbed his chest and gave Chel an unconvincing smile. “I don’t think those peppers are agreeing with me.”

“I have some GoodTum at home from when Tom tried to eat that whole chicken. Think that’ll help or do you need me to stop and get something?”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“Okay, let me know.”

Mathias plucked Chel’s hand off the table and met his gaze as he kissed the back of his knuckles. “You take such good care of me.”

Chel turned his hand to brush his fingertips along the underside of Mathias’s jaw. “I take care of what I love.”

Abruptly, Tomlin draped over Chel’s shoulder, arms tentacling around his torso. He didn’t have a snarky comment, only a tight hug, and then he straightened, waiting for them to join him. Chel threw him a smile, warmed by the contact and the support, and stood.

Mathias stood as well, and it had to be Chel’s imagination, but the chair scraping across the wood floor seemed to echo like a harpy’s screech around him. The world slowed as if they’d been trapped in a magical time bubble, and the only thing he could hear over the scream of the chair was the drum of his heart pounding in his ear.

And then Mathias collapsed to the floor.

Title: Ties That Bind by Alex Whitehall
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal, Poly
Word Count: 17,000


For Chel, Tomlin, and Mathias, life is simple but good. They share a home and a love, and despite a few conflicts of personality, are happy. Mathias runs a magic shop, where he makes magic items and potions for his customers, and Tom is his familiar, helping supply his magic. Chel, who’s not magical, works at a bookshop and makes sure dinner is on the table for his lovers.

When Mathias suddenly comes down with a mysterious illness, Chel and Tomlin seek out answers. As Mathias’s familiar, Tomlin can sense that nothing is wrong with the magical parts of him, but when a trip to the doctor’s indicates nothing is wrong with him physically either, they start to worry.

Then Mathias collapses, and the search to find the truth becomes urgent.

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Author Bio

If there are two types of people in the world, Alex Whitehall probably isn’t one of them, despite being a person. Their favorite pastimes include reading, horseback riding, sleeping, watching geek-tastic television, knitting, eating, and running. And wasting time on the internet. And spending glorious evenings laughing with friends.

While Alex prefers sleeping over doing anything else (except maybe eating), sometimes they emerge from the cave to be social and to hunt for food at the local market. They can be found blogging, reading, and tending after their aloe plants.

Author Links: Website * Tumblr * Email * Twitter * Goodreads


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