Tour Stop & Character Interview: A Dom and His Gentleman by Xenia Melzer

Interview with Peyton

XM: Thank you so much, Peyton, for doing yet another interview with us. We appreciate it.

P:  Yeah, yeah. All I seem to be doing is giving interviews on the love life of my friends. How about I get my own story sometime soon?

XM:  *clears throat* Uhm, yes, yes, you will get your story. It’s just, your unique personality requires something special and…

P: *impatient* I get it. I’m not interesting enough! You only like men who wear leather and use whips and chains. Stupid, really. I don’t get it. What’s so special about tying somebody down? Or getting tied down?

XM: It’s hard to explain. You either feel it or not. Back to our interview. We wanted to talk about Curtis and Andrew.

P: Ah, yes, your silver fox. Don’t get me wrong, I love Curtis, as a friend, of course, and I respect the hell out of him as a businessman. Which is why I don’t get what he sees in Andrew. Sure, the guy looks good and makes some mean macarons, but he’s also a dick.

XM: Perhaps Curtis sees something in him you don’t?

P: Can’t imagine what. If he did to me what he did to Curtis, I’d have his balls in a macaron! Wait, is that even possible? What are macarons made of anyway?

XM: *a little tired* Mainly almonds and powdered sugar. Plus whatever filling you fancy.

P:  So balls could be in them… Makes me wonder…

XM: Peyton, please.

P: What? If I don’t get my own story, I can at least ruin your interview about your precious silver fox!

XM: You know what? I think I have the perfect story for you. You could be the main character in my first crime novel – as the corpse!

P: Hey, no need to be mean about it. What do you want me to say?

XM: I thought maybe you could say a few words about how their love story began?

P: Why are you asking me? I only know from what Curtis told me. Collin was there. You should talk to him.

XM: *clears throat repeatedly* Uhm, you know what Collin is like… It’s hard to talk to him about anything specific, especially at the moment. You see, he has this new project with glass and…

P: *grins evilly* Admit it, you just didn’t want to sit around for an entire day hoping to get a few answers that have actually anything to do with what you were asking. I should charge you for being so helpful.

XM: I can always talk to Leeland.

P: Ha, I know his hands still start twitching whenever there’s mention of what an idiot Andrew was. And don’t forget about Jasper. I heard Leeland curse him in Japanese.

XM: Fine, I may be kind of stuck with you on this matter, especially since you did all the interviews for the other couples as well. Can you please say anything nice about them? You know, to make our readers curious?

P: Let me think… Curtis is a great guy, a perfect friend. I really don’t know why he has to be stuck with Andrew. I don’t think you thought this through.

XM: Peyton! They’re perfect for each other. And a little tension has never harmed anybody.

P: Then why are you pestering me when you can tell readers yourself how great the two are?

XM: *hammers head on desk repeatedly* Peyton.

P: Give me my own story and I’ll be more cooperative next time. Perhaps.

XM: Thank you for nothing, you ungrateful secondary character!

P: *grins smugly* No need to be so nasty. See you.

Title: A Dom and His Gentleman by Xenia Melzer
Club Whisper Series Book Four
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, BDSM, Erotic, Romance
Length: 200 pages/Word Count: 67,619


A Club Whisper Novel

Silver fox Curtis is everything baker Andrew could want in a sub, and their chemistry is off the charts. But as a wealthy and successful gallery owner, Curtis intimidates Andrew and challenges his dominant nature. Can Andrew get used to a sub with a much higher social status?

British noble Curtis Morris has all but given up on finding his perfect Dom when he walks into a bakery and meets Andrew Granger—smoldering hot, new to Miami, into the lifestyle, and with kinks that align perfectly with Curtis’s own.

Andrew grew up poor and doesn’t know if he can handle a sub with so much more money, even if he’s insanely attracted to Curtis. To make matters worse, Curtis’s preferred club, Whisper, is far beyond Andrew’s financial means. Still, Andrew doesn’t want to lose Curtis to his own hang-ups, not when Curtis is far from the elitist snob Andrew expected. But Andrew keeps messing up, and with Curtis’s rich ex visiting with the hopes of winning him back, he and Curtis will need all the help they can get to make their romance of opposites work out.

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Author Bio

Xenia Melzer was born and raised in a small village in the South of Bavaria. As one of nature’s true chocoholics, she’s always in search of the perfect chocolate experience. So far, she’s had about a dozen truly remarkable ones. Despite having been in close proximity to the mountains all her life, she has never understood why so many people think snow sports are fun. There are neither chocolate nor horses involved and it’s cold by definition, so where’s the sense? She does not like beer either and has never been to the Oktoberfest – no quality chocolate there.

Even though her mind is preoccupied with various stories most of the time, Xenia has managed to get through school and university with surprisingly good grades. Right after school she met her one true love who showed her that reality is capable of producing some truly amazing love stories itself.

While she was having her two children, she started writing down the most persistent stories in her head as a way of relieving mommy-related stress symptoms. As it turned out, the stress- relief has now become a source of the same, albeit a positive one.

When she’s not writing, she translates the stories of other authors into German, enjoys riding and running, spending time with her kids, and dancing with her husband. If you want to contact her, please visit either her website, or write her an email:

Author Links: Website * Email * Goodreads

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