Friday Feature, Excerpt & Giveaway: From Brussels, With Love by Emy Calirel

Title: From Brussels, With Love by Emy Calirel
World of Love Series: Belguim
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Romance
Length: 156 pages/World Count:52,502


Dispirited after a recent breakup, Irish project manager Trevor is guilted into a trip to Brussels with his best friend. A chance meeting with cute and funny tour guide Jerome turns into a weekend of sex and friendship. Forgetting his phone at Jerome’s apartment shifts their fling into a long-distance relationship held together by postcards, texts, and stolen weekends. But distance isn’t the only thing keeping them apart—Trevor is a workaholic who values his success, while artistic Jerome is carefree but insecure.

Starting a life together means facing major challenges, but the loving words they’ve shared build a bridge across the sea—one that might let them meet in the middle.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

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Jerome hung up and pushed past the white drapes separating the restaurant from the bar. He froze on his way toward the door when he recognized someone at the counter. Chiseled jawline, short black hair, and strong shoulders, Trevor was wearing the same light blue shirt and dark blue slacks he’d had on Jerome’s tour earlier. Not only was he damn good-looking, he had also stood out. Jerome was more accustomed to backpacks and shorts than business casual in his groups.

Their eyes met, and on a whim, Jerome joined him.

“Trevor, right?”

Trevor smiled and finished the pink cocktail he had been drinking. “Jerome, the best tour guide in Brussels.”

“Have you done many tours?” Jerome slid onto the black stool between Trevor and a woman playing on her phone.

Trevor shook his head. “Just yours, but I was tricked into it, and you made it interesting and fun. I was in a better mood afterward.”

“You didn’t seem happy when you left.” Jerome remembered the way Trevor’s face had fallen when his phone rang.

“Yeah, well, that’ll be work for you.” Trevor raised his glass as if to take another sip before he realized it was empty and put it back on the bar. He stood up and smoothed down his shirt.

“Care for another one?” Jerome asked before Trevor put his jacket on.

A small frown appeared between Trevor’s brows, and he bit his lower lip. “I shouldn’t. I’m already feeling a bit tipsy.”

Jerome shrugged and smiled despite his disappointment. “Your loss. A guy in a suit tipped me fifty euros today, so tonight I’m drinking on him.”

Trevor looked down at himself. “I wasn’t wearing a suit.”

He looked so dumbfounded Jerome couldn’t help but laugh. “All you had missing was the tie.” At ten euros a beer, it hurt his budget, but at this point Jerome couldn’t leave without ordering when the bartender came over. Trevor sighed, and a second later, he was back on the stool next to Jerome.

“What the hell, let’s drink on that bloke.” He turned to the bartender. “Two.”

“No more flashy pink cocktail?” Jerome teased.

“That flashy pink cocktail is rum and vodka, so unless you want to carry me back to bed, I’ll stick with beer from now on.”

Jerome raised an amused eyebrow and made a show of checking Trevor out. Not that it was a hardship, because he was eye candy. A faint blush crept onto Trevor’s cheeks, making Jerome chuckle.

“You wouldn’t need to push me too hard. But honestly, I just want a drink and good company. Tonight was a bust.”

“Yeah? What happened?”

Jerome was about to avoid the question, but Trevor seemed genuinely interested, and before he knew it, Jerome was answering. “My friend Quentin keeps setting me up on blind dates. I had dinner here tonight, but it was horrible. The food was good, but this”—Jerome pointed at the fancy round pendant lights, comfy red chairs, and white drapes hanging from the ceiling—“isn’t my usual setting.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed from the leather jacket and jeans,” Trevor said. Jerome shifted self-consciously, but before shame could settle, Trevor put his hand on Jerome’s arm briefly. “I’m just teasing. You look great, and your date was an idiot if he didn’t think so.”

“Oh, he thought so.” Jerome nodded his thanks to the bartender for his beer. “Problem was, he didn’t think of anything else. He spent the whole meal talking about sex, and let me tell you, not in a sexy way. He wasn’t enticing, he was being plain gross. I don’t know where Quentin finds them, but it’s getting worse. I thought I had hit rock bottom with the previous one, but no. Next, he’ll find me a serial killer.”

“Or worse, a lawyer,” Trevor deadpanned.

Jerome choked on his beer, his coughing attracting people’s attention. “That would be my limit. Wait,” he said, his eyes widening, “you’re not a lawyer, are you?”

Trevor shook his head and took a drink, his clear eyes dancing in amusement. “Project manager for Sidelux. What was the problem with the previous date?”

“He was deathly boring. Extremely good-looking, but he spent the whole time telling me how classic Hollywood movies and the French new wave were the only cinemas worth it. I’m a Marvel and action movie fan. I love a good blockbuster, so we didn’t really connect.”

Trevor held his glass out for Jerome to clink his against. “Team Iron Man.”

“I was caught in a hard place on that one. I would have been with Tony Stark, but Hawkeye? I’ll always follow Hawkeye.”

Trevor tilted his head and smirked. “It’s the Renner charm.”

Author Bio

Emy Calirel grew up in France, but also spent some time in Africa as a child. When she finally reached adulthood, she jumped on opportunities and moved to California, then Ireland, before coming back to her roots. San Francisco still holds her heart, though, and always will.

After trying a couple different jobs, she settled down and now works in a funeral home/monumental masonry, which she loves. To handle life’s daily stress, she laughs with her coworkers a lot and spends any free time she gets reading or daydreaming about queer folks finding their happily ever after.

She’s a cat owner, a plant killer, and a San Francisco Giants fan. Wanderlust flows in her veins, and her goal is to visit every capital in Europe—if she can ever stop herself from going back to London over and over again.

Emy’s muse is a sassy being who expertly farms plot bunnies in Emy’s overgrown imagination. As a consequence, Emy has more stories and characters living in her head than she’ll ever be able to write in her lifetime. She’s fine with it, though, as, like a child, she loves playing in her sandbox.

A documentary enthusiast and curious to a fault, Emy often loses herself in research and will happily share her discoveries with everyone. Did you know most mammals empty their bladders in twenty-one seconds?

Author Links: Website * Twitter * Goodreads


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