Review: Lion’s Head Revisited by Jeffrey Round

Title: Lion’s Head Revisited by Jeffrey Round
Dan Sharpe Mystery Series Book Seven
Publisher: Dundurn
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense, LGBT
Length: 280 pages
Book Rating: B+

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A case brings PI Dan Sharp to the northern Ontario wilderness, where he has to face his own dark past.

When a four-year-old autistic boy disappears on a camping trip, his mother is reluctant to involve the police. Instead, she calls in private investigator Dan Sharp after a ransom demand arrives.

On investigating, Dan learns there are plenty of people who might be responsible for the kidnapping. Among them are an ex-husband who wrongly believed the boy was his son; the boy’s surrogate mother, now a drug addict; the boy’s grandmother, who has been denied access to her grandson; and a mysterious woman who unnerves everyone with her unexpected appearances.

A trip to Lion’s Head in the Bruce Peninsula, where the boy disappeared, brings Dan unexpectedly into contact with his own brutal upbringing. But when a suspected kidnapper is found dead, Dan suddenly finds himself chasing the ghosts of the present as well as the past.


Lion’s Head Revisited by Jeffrey Round is a multi-layered mystery that is quite compelling. Although this newest release is the seventh novel in the Dan Sharpe Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

Private Investigator Dan Sharpe’s new clients bring him what should be a straight-forward  investigation. Janice Bentham’s four year old autistic son Jeremy has been kidnapped and a ransom demand has been made. She is accompanied by her girlfriend Ashley Lake and friend Eli Gestner who also love young Jeremy. They point Dan in the direction of surrogate Sarah Nealon, who has addiction issues and has asked for money from them in the past.  Janice also casts suspicion in the direction of her ex-husband Dennis Braithewate. Eli admits his former business partner Elroy James is furious with him over a deal that lost money. Janice would rather the police not become involved so Dan retraces their steps the night when Jeremy went missing. This part of the investigation brings him face to face with his own unresolved childhood. Will Jeremy be safely returned to his family? And will Dan make peace with the ghosts of his past?

Dan tries to keep an open mind as he begins questioning the people in Janice’s life. But as he quickly discovers, Janice’s life is complicated and she is less than honest with him. He is also taken off guard when he discovers an unknown woman is bothering them at their home. Although bringing Jeremy home is his first priority, Dan cannot help but wonder what she and her loved ones might be trying to hide and more importantly, why?

Dan’s personal life is in a bit of a muddle as he grows frustrated with his best friends’ lack of support with his relationship with police Sergeant Nick Trposki.  He is also worried about his son Kedrick’s lack of enthusiasm about Nick. Although his friends and family have reason for concern, Dan is becoming upset over their resistance to getting to know Nick.

Dan is emotionally guarded and closed off so he is struggling to fully let Nick into his life as their relationship grows more serious.  As he confronts his past throughout his investigation, Dan begins to understand himself better, but will these realizations result in positive changes in his life?

Lion’s Head Revisited is an intriguing mystery with an engrossing storyline. Dan is a multi-faceted, complex character who is quite intuitive. His inner musings provide valuable insight what makes him tick and he begins to identify the areas in life where he needs to make changes.  The investigation into Jeremy’s kidnapping is quite riveting and Dan is tenacious in solving the case. With stunning twists and jaw-dropping turns, Jeffrey Round brings this clever mystery to a pulse-pounding conclusion. An outstanding addition to the Dan Sharpe Mystery series that old and new fans are going to love.


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  1. Suze

    I am just about reading this series with Lake on the Mountain!