Review: The Evil Men Do by John McMahon

Title: The Evil Men Do by John McMahon
P.T. Marsh Series Book Two
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Son’s
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 367 pages
Book Rating: B+

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The author of The Good Detective delivers a gripping and atmospheric new novel in which a cop takes on a harrowing new case and confronts old personal demons.

What if the one good thing you did in your life doomed you to die?

A hard-nosed real estate baron is dead, and detectives P.T. Marsh and Remy Morgan learn there’s a long list of suspects. Mason Falls, Georgia, may be a small town, but Ennis Fultz had filled it with professional rivals, angry neighbors, and a wronged ex-wife. And when Marsh realizes that this potential murder might be the least of his troubles, he begins to see what happens when ordinary people become capable of evil.

As Marsh and Morgan dig into the case, it becomes clear that Fultz’s death was not an isolated case of revenge. It may be part of a dark web of crimes connected to an accident that up-ended Marsh’s life a couple years earlier–and that now threatens the life of a young child. Marsh veers dangerously off track as his search for clues becomes personal..and brings him to a place where a man’s good deeds turn out to be more dangerous than his worst crimes.


The Evil Men Do by John McMahon is a riveting small town mystery. This second installment in the P.T. Marsh series can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend book one as well.

Detective P.T. Marsh and his partner Detective Remy Morgan find themselves embroiled in a murder investigation after discovering the body of Ennis Fultz. Since the victim lives in an isolated area, they turn to the security footage at a local gas station to zero in on their suspects.  The first person who falls under suspicion is Fultz’s ex-wife Connie who is not exactly forthcoming about her visits with her ex.  Their next possible suspect is  Suzy Kang who works in a local bondage club. But they quickly discover Ennis made several enemies during his long career in real estate. But now that Fultz is retired, P.T. and Remy are uncertain whether this line of inquiry is viable. After a few curious discoveries, the investigation takes an unexpected and personal turn.  With P. T.’s career in serious jeopardy after he makes a few ill-advised decisions, Remy is growing extremely frustrated with her partner. With much at risk, will P. T. and Remy  solve this perplexing case before it is too late?

On the surface, P. T.’s grief over the loss of his beloved wife Lena and son Jonah seems to be abating. He is in a relationship with Medical Examiner Sarah Raines.  His relationship with his father-in-law Marvin is in a good place although P.T. does not spend as much time with him as he would like. P.T. is also now sober but as this latest investigation heats up, his sobriety is tested more than once. As for his career,  P.T. is in the midst of working with the district attorney as they try to settle a civil suit brought him against him.  His stubbornness during negotiations could have unanticipated consequences when the plaintiff ups the ante.

The investigation into Fultz’s murder is yielding few results.  While P.T. and Remy do turn up some promising leads but they are also hitting dead ends.  P.T. is further distracted when Marvin is gravely injured and his life hangs in the balance. Curious about what his father-in-law was involved in, P.T. is absolutely stunned after he uncovers what Marvin was doing at the time of his injury. In growing trouble at work, P. T. is soon taking shocking risks that jeopardize the Fultz investigation, his future with the department and quite possibly his life.

The Evil Men Do is an incredibly engrossing mystery with a clever plot and appealing characters. P.T. is a troubled man who makes reckless choices that could result in devastating consequences.  Remy likes P.T. but she is fast growing irritated with his increasingly out of control behavior. The investigation into Fultz’s murder is intriguing and gradually culminates in a possible conspiracy with far-reaching implications. John McMahon brings this electrifying mystery to a thrilling, nail-biting dénouement. Old and new fans are sure to enjoy this action-packed addition the P.T. Marsh series.

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