March Reading Challenge Discussion

March’s Reading Challenge was to read a novel with a body of water on the cover.

Silver by Chris Hammer is a multi-layered mystery that is quite engrossing. This second installment in the Martin Scarsden series can be read as a standalone.

Martin Scarsden and his partner Mandalay “Mandy” Blonde are ready to settle down in the town of Port Silver. Mandy has inherited a home and she wants a stable life for herself and her baby, Liam. Martin might be eager to see where his relationship with Mandy goes but he is less than thrilled about the location.  He is a Port Silver native but years earlier, he could not wait to leave the town and his childhood memories behind. His career as a journalist allowed him to do just that and he avoids thinking about his troubled past. Returning to Port Silver stirs up memories he would rather not examine. But as Martin reunites with his Uncle Vern and assorted people from his childhood, he can no longer keep his memories at bay.

Martin does not have much time reflect on his past since he is quickly drawn into another murder investigation. This death hits close to home since the victim is someone with whom he shares a history. Unfortunately, due to the location of the murder, Mandy is the chief suspect.  Martin feels a bit of relief that Detective Inspector Morris Montifore is assigned to the case. But just because they know one another does not necessarily mean the DI will cut him or Mandy any slack.

Worried that Mandy will be arrested for a crime she did not commit, Martin decides to look into the victim’s background.  He stumbles onto a development scheme that could completely revitalize the small seaside town but not everyone is happy with the proposed changes.  As  Martin sifts through the various leads he unearths, he makes some choices that threaten to derail his relationship with Mandy. But with the police continuing to circle back to her, Martin irritates Monifore and the local police as he blithely plows ahead with his quest for answers.

Martin is still attempting to make peace with his unsettled past.  His memories are a blend of fun times with his friends and his very unhappy and dysfunctional home life. Martin does not dwell too much on those long ago days but he regrets some of the decisions he made when he turned his back on the town and his uncle.  These glimpses into Martin’s formative years offer poignant insight into the man he is today.

Silver is a fast-paced mystery with an appealing cast of characters and an intriguing storyline. Despite his occasional mistakes and missteps,  Martin continues to grow and evolve as he settles into life with Mandy and Liam.  Port Silver is the perfect backdrop for this complex story and  Chris Hammer’s vibrant descriptions bring this fictional town vividly to life. The murder  investigation unfolds at a steady pace with the tension building each time Mandy is called back in for questioning.  With some very shocking twists, this suspenseful mystery comes to a very stunning conclusion.  I highly recommend this brilliant addition to the Martin Scarsden series to fans of the genre.

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Love on the Hudson by KD Fisher is an enjoyable second chance at love romance.

After ten years away, David Webster moves home when his father suffers a stroke. David could not wait to leave the small town for the big city and he loves his job.  Shocked at the changes in his father, David quickly realizes that he will not be able to return to Chicago. Making the decision to stay in town is surprisingly easy but David still must resolve his painful past with his former best friend Nick Patras who broke his heart.

While David never hid his sexuality, Nick conformed to his Greek father’s expectations. After pushing David away, Nick finally married in an attempt to please his family. Finally tired of living a lie, Nick and his wife divorced and he is trying to navigate life as a gay man. No longer working in the family owned diner, Nick loves his new career in farming.

Nick is quick to try to repair his friendship with David. Although still hurt and a little angry, David finds it surprisingly easy to forgive Nick and move forward. Gradually getting to know one another again, their friendship soon evolves into romance. But will David be content to live in the closet as Nick tries to work up the courage to tell his family the truth?

Love on the Hudson is a fast-paced romance with likable characters. David is rather high maintenance but Nick is refreshingly down to earth. A few miscommunications and misunderstandings threaten their relationship but KD Fisher brings this charming romance to a happy conclusion.

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Did you enjoy the book you selected for this month’s challenge?


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  1. Suze

    I read All at Sea by JL Merrow – as with JLM stories, well put together even though v short – decent characterisation and back story, nice trips down memory lane, lovely epilogue