May Reading Challenge Discussion

May’s Reading Challenge was to read a book with a door or window on the cover.

What Lies Between Us by by John Marrs is an absolutely riveting, jaw-dropping novel.

The premise of the novel is deceptively simple: Maggie and Nina share a house together, but Nina holds Maggie prisoner in the attic. Once you dig under the surface, there are a lot of twisted secrets and so. much. craziness. What drives the story is WHY? Why does Nina lock Maggie in the attic? Why does Maggie not tell Nina some cold hard facts? And of course the bigger question, is why does everyone believe the reason Nina gives for Maggie’s disappearance from everyday life?!

What Lies Between Us is one of those novels that is incredibly far-fetched. YET John Marrs has a true talent for making this fact completely and totally irrelevant. The plot is so engrossing and the characters so well developed, the unfolding story becomes so captivating that it is exceptionally easy to suspend disbelief. This is certainly the case in What Lies Between Us. So prepare for the wildest ride with the most extraordinarily dysfunctional relationship and the most insane twists and turns.

My review is deliberately vague because I do not want to give away any of the mind-bending, eye-popping plot twists. Hands down, What Lies Between Us is one of the absolutely best domestic mysteries I have read. Highly recommend!

Please click HERE to learn more about What Lies Between Us.

Did you enjoy the book you selected for this month’s challenge?


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  1. Suze

    Now that sounds intriguing from what you have said – another for the list!!!

    I read Relationship Material be Jenya Keefe. I liked it quite a bit – basically two guys trying to navigate their way after life has given them a traumatic time and a tough ride. I could understand why the guy with the heavily traumatic past was still struggling to let go, as being in a witness protection plan must make you paranoid anyway. The other guy was like many would, getting some things right and some wrong in trying to help the other.