Friday Feature & Giveaway: The Salvation Duet by Evelyn Montgomery

Title: Resurrection by Evelyn Montgomery
Salvation Duet Series Book One
Publisher: Evelyn Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: 228 pages


My husband is gone and all that remains are his clothes, his shoes, our memories.
The bathroom is filled with his shaver, his toothbrush, his hair brush – but the last thing he left behind was a folded flag that now sits in the living room.
My children will never know their father.
I will never know how it feels to grow old with him.
All that I have left are the voices.
The voices that haunt me day and night and never leave me alone. The ones telling me I’d be better off six feet under instead of him.
But they stop when he comes along.
Justin Gatz.
My boss.
My new best friend, and a savior I never expected.

I left Knoxville for a reason.
I promised myself I’d never get close to anyone ever again.
All I do is ruin, damage, destroy everything I touch.
But she sees me. Through me. To the place I don’t let anyone into.
She sucks me in and I suddenly find myself playing house with her and her two kids wondering how the hell I got here and when I am finally going to stop.
All I do is ruin.
I know all too well her demons, having served my country like her late husband and still concealing secrets of my own.
I watch her fall apart. I watch her wrestle with her mind. I see her struggle and know I have to help, if only for a while.
Rose Gables.
I can’t get enough of her.
She might need a savior, but what she doesn’t know is she is the one doing all the saving and I’m a damn fool to think I can ever walk away.

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Title: Awakening by Evelyn Montgomery
Salvation Duet Series Book Two
Publisher: Evelyn Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: 176 pages



A dark past.
A secret identity.
A future ruined by the one thing I can never control.
My curse.
I swore to protect them.
I promised to always stand by her side.
But how can I do that when all I have ever run from
comes crashing back into my life and steals away
all the hope I had for a future.
I swore to protect them, and I will.
I will do all I have to do to keep them safe.
Even if in the end,
it is over my dead body.


Voices I fear I will never overcome.
The final battle for my soul rages inside
and I am suddenly paralyzed from stopping it.
But I finally see the light.
The truth.
Find my strength.
The enemy doesn’t stand a chance
when the victim finally chooses to survive.
When I finally learn
it has no power over me.
My will is stronger now with him by my side.
Always has been. Always will be.

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Silence. Silence is all I know, and yet I find comfort in it. One thing the Navy Seals taught me was the damn 40% rule, and hell if it isn’t true. Possibly even the only damn thing that has kept me sane since the shit I went through overseas.

When your mind is telling you that you are done, you’re actually only 40% done.

Hell if that isn’t the damn truth.

Nearing a bend in the road, I come to a stop when I hear crying coming from the house in front of me. I train my ear to listen to the sound. It’s a baby’s cry. No big deal. But then I hear another yell. A woman. A little quiet at first, but the damn words her beautiful voice shouts ring loud and clear the second time, calling to a place deep inside me I never knew existed.

“Stop it!”

My feet have a mind of their own as I jump the little fence separating me from the front door of the tiny house and quickly take the stairs two at a time as I climb up the front steps. Powered by a force unknown to me, I don’t bother to knock as I plow against the door and it swings wide open. I look to my right and see nothing. A glance to my left and I lock eyes with a woman who is fallen against the wall, clutching her child tight.

In two short strides I am at her side. She flinches when I come near and tries to back away as I clutch her shoulders in my hands.

“Ma’am, are you alright?” But she doesn’t say a word. She stares at me with those wide, blue, breathtaking eyes, and I swear my heart skips a fucking beat.

It has to be the adrenaline.

I hear a cry behind me and turn to see a little boy for the first time. He looks scared as shit, and it pulls to another place deep inside me, reminding me of my youth and all the crap I tried to escape in the Navy.

“Don’t worry,” I say, turning and facing his way. “I am not going to hurt you.” His crying slows a little and I thank God for that, because between his crying, and the tiny little baby in his mother’s arms, I don’t think I could take much more. Turning back to the woman, I notice fear creeping across her face as a shiver breaks out across her skin. Standing, I look into the bedroom just beyond where she is sitting and wonder where the fucker is at that she has to be afraid of.

“Where is he?” I demand harshly on instinct. Looking back down at her, her eyes look perplexed and it completely throws me off, but I continue anyway. I make my way into the bedroom and take a good look around. Glancing in the bathroom and closet, I come back to the living room just as the woman rises to standing. She stares at me in confusion before putting a pacifier back in her daughter’s mouth and finally succeeding in making the crying stop. Her son runs to her side and I watch as he sniffles into her leg.

I take long strides across the room to the other side of the house and glance in the only other room this tiny shack has to offer. Boy’s toys are thrown everywhere, and I have to sidestep my way through to make sure no one is hiding in the kid’s closet.


Coming back out to the living room, I take a look in the small kitchen and finally meet the eyes of the woman in the corner when I am confident there is no one around. She questions me with those damn eyes that pull to a place inside me I’d rather forget, the place her voice called to, but the fear that once filled them is gone. With her baby clutched to her chest and her son at her side, her posture finally softens.

Then I see it.

My eyes dart to the mantel on the fireplace. The fucking symbol I’ve been running from stares me back in my damn face and pierces my heart like it’s the first fucking time. The folded flag. The dog tags. The picture in a frame next to an urn. My eyes dart back to hers, and it doesn’t escape me that she saw where I looked. She straightens her spine, as only a soldier’s wife would, and stands tall.

I nod my head before standing straight. With tears in my eyes, and confident that she is in no danger, I salute her. I watch as she fights back tears before giving me a sad nod. I look to the floor and swallow over a lump in my throat, unable to meet her eyes.

“Thank you for your service,” I whisper. Turning, I leave quickly and slam the door behind me. I know all too well the demons she faces, and hell if I can fight hers and mine at the same time.

Author Bio

From the beaches of California to the hollers in Central Kentucky, I always knew one thing I wanted out of life – I wanted to write!
Growing up on the West Coast, I started on that journey but didn’t publish my first book until me and my family of 5 moved to Central Kentucky to start a new life.

Although I miss my old world in sunny California, I have found a new love for the south that I always knew existed and you can see throughout my novels.

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